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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import "ui/base/dragdrop/cocoa_dnd_util.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/strings/sys_string_conversions.h"
#import "third_party/mozilla/NSPasteboard+Utils.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace ui {
NSString* const kChromeDragDummyPboardType = @"org.chromium.drag-dummy-type";
NSString* const kChromeDragImageHTMLPboardType = @"org.chromium.image-html";
BOOL PopulateURLAndTitleFromPasteboard(GURL* url,
base::string16* title,
NSPasteboard* pboard,
BOOL convert_filenames) {
// Bail out early if there's no URL data.
if (![pboard containsURLData])
return NO;
// -getURLs:andTitles:convertingFilenames: will already validate URIs so we
// don't need to again. The arrays returned are both of NSStrings.
NSArray* url_array = nil;
NSArray* title_array = nil;
[pboard getURLs:&url_array andTitles:&title_array
DCHECK_EQ([url_array count], [title_array count]);
// It's possible that no URLs were actually provided!
if (![url_array count])
return NO;
NSString* url_string = [url_array objectAtIndex:0];
if ([url_string length]) {
// Check again just to make sure to not assign NULL into a std::string,
// which throws an exception.
const char* utf8_url = [url_string UTF8String];
if (utf8_url) {
*url = GURL(utf8_url);
// Extra paranoia check.
if (title && [title_array count])
*title = base::SysNSStringToUTF16([title_array objectAtIndex:0]);
return YES;
} // namespace ui