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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import argparse
import os
import logging
import re
import subprocess
import urllib2
import json
from telemetry.util import command_line
CHROMIUM_CONFIG_FILENAME = 'tools/run-perf-test.cfg'
BLINK_CONFIG_FILENAME = 'Tools/run-perf-test.cfg'
# Unsupported Perf bisect bots.
'win_xp_perf_bisect', # Goma issues:
# Bisect FYI bots are not meant for testing actual perf regressions.
# Hardware configuration on these bots is different from actual bisect bot
# and these bots runs E2E integration tests for auto-bisect
# using dummy benchmarks.
# CQ bots on tryserver.chromium.perf
# Default try bot to use incase builbot is unreachable.
assert not set(DEFAULT_TRYBOTS) & set(EXCLUDED_BOTS), ( 'A trybot cannot '
'present in both Default as well as Excluded bots lists.')
class TrybotError(Exception):
def __str__(self):
return '%s\nError running tryjob.' % self.args[0]
def _GetTrybotList(builders):
builders = ['%s' % bot.replace('_perf_bisect', '').replace('_', '-')
for bot in builders]
return sorted(builders)
def _GetBuilderNames(trybot_name, builders):
""" Return platform and its available bot name as dictionary."""
os_names = ['linux', 'android', 'mac', 'win']
if 'all' not in trybot_name:
bot = ['%s_perf_bisect' % trybot_name.replace('-', '_')]
bot_platform = next(b for b in os_names if b in trybot_name)
except StopIteration:
raise TrybotError('Trybot "%s" unsupported for tryjobs.' % trybot_name)
if 'x64' in trybot_name:
bot_platform += '-x64'
return {bot_platform: bot}
platform_and_bots = {}
for os_name in os_names:
platform_and_bots[os_name] = [bot for bot in builders if os_name in bot]
# Special case for Windows x64, consider it as separate platform
# config config should contain target_arch=x64 and --browser=release_x64.
win_x64_bots = [
for i, win_bot in enumerate(platform_and_bots['win'])
if 'x64' in win_bot]
platform_and_bots['win-x64'] = win_x64_bots
if 'all-win' in trybot_name:
return {'win': platform_and_bots['win'],
'win-x64': platform_and_bots['win-x64']}
if 'all-mac' in trybot_name:
return {'mac': platform_and_bots['mac']}
if 'all-android' in trybot_name:
return {'android': platform_and_bots['android']}
if 'all-linux' in trybot_name:
return {'linux': platform_and_bots['linux']}
return platform_and_bots
def _RunProcess(cmd):
logging.debug('Running process: "%s"', ' '.join(cmd))
proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
out, err = proc.communicate()
returncode = proc.poll()
return (returncode, out, err)
class Trybot(command_line.ArgParseCommand):
""" Run telemetry perf benchmark on trybot """
usage = 'botname benchmark_name [<benchmark run options>]'
_builders = None
def __init__(self):
self._builder_names = None
def _GetBuilderList(cls):
if not cls._builders:
f = urllib2.urlopen(
# In case of any kind of exception, allow tryjobs to use default trybots.
# Possible exception are ssl.SSLError, urllib2.URLError,
# socket.timeout, socket.error.
except Exception:
# Incase of any exception return default trybots.
print ('WARNING: Unable to reach builbot to retrieve trybot '
'information, tryjob will use default trybots.')
cls._builders = DEFAULT_TRYBOTS
builders = json.loads(
# Exclude unsupported bots like win xp and some dummy bots.
cls._builders = [bot for bot in builders if bot not in EXCLUDED_BOTS]
return cls._builders
def _InitializeBuilderNames(self, trybot):
self._builder_names = _GetBuilderNames(trybot, self._GetBuilderList())
def CreateParser(cls):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
('Run telemetry benchmarks on trybot. You can add all the benchmark '
'options available except the --browser option'),
return parser
def ProcessCommandLineArgs(cls, parser, options, extra_args, environment):
del options, environment # unused
for arg in extra_args:
if arg == '--browser' or arg.startswith('--browser='):
parser.error('--browser=... is not allowed when running trybot.')
def AddCommandLineArgs(cls, parser, environment):
del environment # unused
available_bots = _GetTrybotList(cls._GetBuilderList())
'trybot', choices=available_bots,
help=('specify which bots to run telemetry benchmarks on. '
' Allowed values are:\n' + '\n'.join(available_bots)),
metavar='<trybot name>')
'benchmark_name', type=str,
help=('specify which benchmark to run. To see all available benchmarks,'
' run `run_benchmark list`'),
metavar='<benchmark name>')
def Run(self, options, extra_args=None):
"""Sends a tryjob to a perf trybot.
This creates a branch, telemetry-tryjob, switches to that branch, edits
the bisect config, commits it, uploads the CL to rietveld, and runs a
tryjob on the given bot.
if extra_args is None:
extra_args = []
arguments = [options.benchmark_name] + extra_args
# First check if there are chromium changes to upload.
status = self._AttemptTryjob(CHROMIUM_CONFIG_FILENAME, arguments)
if status not in [SUCCESS, ERROR]:
# If we got here, there are no chromium changes to upload. Try blink.
status = self._AttemptTryjob(BLINK_CONFIG_FILENAME, arguments)
if status not in [SUCCESS, ERROR]:
logging.error('No local changes found in chromium or blink trees. '
'browser=%s argument sends local changes to the '
'perf trybot(s): %s.', options.trybot,
return 1
return 0
def _UpdateConfigAndRunTryjob(self, bot_platform, cfg_file_path, arguments):
"""Updates perf config file, uploads changes and excutes perf try job.
bot_platform: Name of the platform to be generated.
cfg_file_path: Perf config file path.
(result, msg) where result is one of:
SUCCESS if a tryjob was sent
NO_CHANGES if there was nothing to try,
ERROR if a tryjob was attempted but an error encountered
and msg is an error message if an error was encountered, or rietveld
url if success, otherwise throws TrybotError exception.
config = self._GetPerfConfig(bot_platform, arguments)
config_file = open(cfg_file_path, 'w')
except IOError:
msg = 'Cannot find %s. Please run from src dir.' % cfg_file_path
return (ERROR, msg)
config_file.write('config = %s' % json.dumps(
config, sort_keys=True, indent=2, separators=(',', ': ')))
# Commit the config changes locally.
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess(
['git', 'commit', '-a', '-m', 'bisect config: %s' % bot_platform])
if returncode:
raise TrybotError('Could not commit bisect config change for %s,'
' error %s' % (bot_platform, err))
# Upload the CL to rietveld and run a try job.
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess([
'git', 'cl', 'upload', '-f', '--bypass-hooks', '-m',
'CL for perf tryjob on %s' % bot_platform
if returncode:
raise TrybotError('Could upload to rietveld for %s, error %s' %
(bot_platform, err))
match ='[\d]+', out)
if not match:
raise TrybotError('Could not upload CL to rietveld for %s! Output %s' %
(bot_platform, out))
rietveld_url =
# Generate git try command for available bots.
git_try_command = ['git', 'cl', 'try', '-m', 'tryserver.chromium.perf']
for bot in self._builder_names[bot_platform]:
git_try_command.extend(['-b', bot])
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess(git_try_command)
if returncode:
raise TrybotError('Could not try CL for %s, error %s' %
(bot_platform, err))
return (SUCCESS, rietveld_url)
def _GetPerfConfig(self, bot_platform, arguments):
"""Generates the perf config for try job.
bot_platform: Name of the platform to be generated.
A dictionary with perf config parameters.
# To make sure that we don't mutate the original args
arguments = arguments[:]
# Generate the command line for the perf trybots
target_arch = 'ia32'
if any(arg == '--chrome-root' or arg.startswith('--chrome-root=') for arg
in arguments):
raise ValueError(
'Trybot does not suport --chrome-root option set directly '
'through command line since it may contain references to your local '
if bot_platform in ['win', 'win-x64']:
arguments.insert(0, 'python tools\\perf\\run_benchmark')
arguments.insert(0, './tools/perf/run_benchmark')
if bot_platform == 'android':
arguments.insert(1, '--browser=android-chromium')
elif any('x64' in bot for bot in self._builder_names[bot_platform]):
arguments.insert(1, '--browser=release_x64')
target_arch = 'x64'
arguments.insert(1, '--browser=release')
command = ' '.join(arguments)
return {
'command': command,
'repeat_count': '1',
'max_time_minutes': '120',
'truncate_percent': '0',
'target_arch': target_arch,
def _AttemptTryjob(self, cfg_file_path, arguments):
"""Attempts to run a tryjob from the current directory.
This is run once for chromium, and if it returns NO_CHANGES, once for blink.
cfg_file_path: Path to the config file for the try job.
Returns SUCCESS if a tryjob was sent, NO_CHANGES if there was nothing to
try, ERROR if a tryjob was attempted but an error encountered.
source_repo = 'chromium'
if cfg_file_path == BLINK_CONFIG_FILENAME:
source_repo = 'blink'
# TODO(prasadv): This method is quite long, we should consider refactor
# this by extracting to helper methods.
returncode, original_branchname, err = _RunProcess(
['git', 'rev-parse', '--abbrev-ref', 'HEAD'])
if returncode:
msg = 'Must be in a git repository to send changes to trybots.'
if err:
msg += '\nGit error: %s' % err
return ERROR
original_branchname = original_branchname.strip()
# Check if the tree is dirty: make sure the index is up to date and then
# run diff-index
_RunProcess(['git', 'update-index', '--refresh', '-q'])
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess(['git', 'diff-index', 'HEAD'])
if out:
'Cannot send a try job with a dirty tree. Commit locally first.')
return ERROR
# Make sure the tree does have local commits.
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess(
['git', 'log', 'origin/master..HEAD'])
if not out:
# Create/check out the telemetry-tryjob branch, and edit the configs
# for the tryjob there.
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess(
['git', 'checkout', '-b', 'telemetry-tryjob'])
if returncode:
logging.error('Error creating branch telemetry-tryjob. '
'Please delete it if it exists.\n%s', err)
return ERROR
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess(
['git', 'branch', '--set-upstream-to', 'origin/master'])
if returncode:
logging.error('Error in git branch --set-upstream-to: %s', err)
return ERROR
for bot_platform in self._builder_names:
if not self._builder_names[bot_platform]:
logging.warning('No builder is found for %s', bot_platform)
results, output = self._UpdateConfigAndRunTryjob(
bot_platform, cfg_file_path, arguments)
if results == ERROR:
return ERROR
print ('Uploaded %s try job to rietveld for %s platform. '
'View progress at %s' % (source_repo, bot_platform, output))
except TrybotError, err:
print err
# Checkout original branch and delete telemetry-tryjob branch.
# TODO(prasadv): This finally block could be extracted out to be a
# separate function called _CleanupBranch.
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess(
['git', 'checkout', original_branchname])
if returncode:
logging.error('Could not check out %s. Please check it out and '
'manually delete the telemetry-tryjob branch. '
': %s', original_branchname, err)
return ERROR # pylint: disable=lost-exception'Checked out original branch: %s', original_branchname)
returncode, out, err = _RunProcess(
['git', 'branch', '-D', 'telemetry-tryjob'])
if returncode:
logging.error('Could not delete telemetry-tryjob branch. '
'Please delete it manually: %s', err)
return ERROR # pylint: disable=lost-exception'Deleted temp branch: telemetry-tryjob')
return SUCCESS