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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ui/gtk/gtk_color_mixers.h"
#include "ui/color/color_id.h"
#include "ui/color/color_mixer.h"
#include "ui/color/color_provider.h"
#include "ui/color/color_recipe.h"
#include "ui/color/color_set.h"
#include "ui/color/color_transform.h"
#include "ui/gtk/gtk_util.h"
namespace gtk {
// TODO(tluk): The current GTK color mixer lifts the existing color definitions
// out of NativeThemeGtk. This mixer should leverage the hierarchical nature of
// color pipeline to reduce duplication of color definitions in
// `SkColorFromColorId()`.
void AddGtkNativeCoreColorMixer(
ui::ColorProvider* provider,
ui::ColorProviderManager::ColorMode color_mode,
ui::ColorProviderManager::ContrastMode contrast_mode,
ui::ColorProviderManager::ThemeName theme_name) {
// `theme_name` is empty when using the system theme. We do not initialize the
// GTK mixer in this case.
if (theme_name.empty())
ui::ColorMixer& mixer = provider->AddMixer();
ui::ColorSet::ColorMap color_map;
for (ui::ColorId id = ui::kUiColorsStart; id < ui::kUiColorsEnd; ++id) {
// Add GTK color definitions to the map if they exist.
absl::optional<SkColor> color = gtk::SkColorFromColorId(id);
if (color)
color_map[id] = *color;
mixer.AddSet({ui::kColorSetNative, std::move(color_map)});
mixer[ui::kColorEndpointBackground] =
mixer[ui::kColorEndpointForeground] =
} // namespace gtk