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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_set>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/synchronization/lock.h"
#include "base/synchronization/waitable_event.h"
#include "base/thread_annotations.h"
#include "components/cronet/cronet_url_request.h"
#include "components/cronet/cronet_url_request_context.h"
#include "components/cronet/native/generated/cronet.idl_impl_interface.h"
namespace net {
enum LoadState;
} // namespace net
namespace cronet {
class Cronet_EngineImpl;
class Cronet_UploadDataSinkImpl;
// Implementation of Cronet_UrlRequest that uses CronetURLRequestContext.
class Cronet_UrlRequestImpl : public Cronet_UrlRequest {
~Cronet_UrlRequestImpl() override;
// Cronet_UrlRequest
Cronet_RESULT InitWithParams(Cronet_EnginePtr engine,
Cronet_String url,
Cronet_UrlRequestParamsPtr params,
Cronet_UrlRequestCallbackPtr callback,
Cronet_ExecutorPtr executor) override;
Cronet_RESULT Start() override;
Cronet_RESULT FollowRedirect() override;
Cronet_RESULT Read(Cronet_BufferPtr buffer) override;
void Cancel() override;
bool IsDone() override;
void GetStatus(Cronet_UrlRequestStatusListenerPtr listener) override;
// Upload data provider has reported error while reading or rewinding
// so request must fail.
void OnUploadDataProviderError(const std::string& error_message);
class NetworkTasks;
// Return |true| if request has started and is now done.
// Must be called under |lock_| held.
bool IsDoneLocked() const SHARED_LOCKS_REQUIRED(lock_);
// Helper method to set final status of CronetUrlRequest and clean up the
// native request adapter. Returns true if request is already done, false
// request is not done and is destroyed.
bool DestroyRequestUnlessDone(
Cronet_RequestFinishedInfo_FINISHED_REASON finished_reason);
// Helper method to set final status of CronetUrlRequest and clean up the
// native request adapter. Returns true if request is already done, false
// request is not done and is destroyed. Must be called under |lock_| held.
bool DestroyRequestUnlessDoneLocked(
Cronet_RequestFinishedInfo_FINISHED_REASON finished_reason)
// Helper method to post |task| to the |executor_|.
void PostTaskToExecutor(base::OnceClosure task);
// Helper methods to invoke application |callback_|.
void InvokeCallbackOnRedirectReceived(const std::string& new_location);
void InvokeCallbackOnResponseStarted();
void InvokeCallbackOnReadCompleted(
std::unique_ptr<Cronet_Buffer> cronet_buffer,
int bytes_read);
void InvokeCallbackOnSucceeded();
void InvokeCallbackOnFailed();
void InvokeCallbackOnCanceled();
// Invoke all members of |status_listeners_|. Should be called prior to
// invoking a final callback. Once a final callback has been called, |this|
// and |executor_| may be deleted and so the callbacks cannot be issued.
void InvokeAllStatusListeners();
// Synchronize access to |request_| and other objects below from different
// threads.
base::Lock lock_;
// NetworkTask object lives on the network thread. Owned by |request_|.
// Outlives this.
NetworkTasks* network_tasks_ GUARDED_BY(lock_) = nullptr;
// Cronet URLRequest used for this operation.
CronetURLRequest* request_ GUARDED_BY(lock_) = nullptr;
bool started_ GUARDED_BY(lock_) = false;
bool waiting_on_redirect_ GUARDED_BY(lock_) = false;
bool waiting_on_read_ GUARDED_BY(lock_) = false;
// Set of status_listeners_ that have not yet been called back.
std::unordered_multiset<Cronet_UrlRequestStatusListenerPtr> status_listeners_
// Response info updated by callback with number of bytes received. May be
// nullptr, if no response has been received.
std::unique_ptr<Cronet_UrlResponseInfo> response_info_;
// The error reported by request. May be nullptr if no error has occurred.
std::unique_ptr<Cronet_Error> error_;
// The upload data stream if specified.
std::unique_ptr<Cronet_UploadDataSinkImpl> upload_data_sink_;
// Application callback interface, used, but not owned, by |this|.
Cronet_UrlRequestCallbackPtr callback_ = nullptr;
// Executor for application callback, used, but not owned, by |this|.
Cronet_ExecutorPtr executor_ = nullptr;
// Cronet Engine used to run network operations. Not owned, accessed from
// client thread. Must outlive this request.
Cronet_EngineImpl* engine_ = nullptr;
// Event indicating Executor is properly destroying Runnables.
base::WaitableEvent runnable_destroyed_;
#endif // DCHECK_IS_ON()
}; // namespace cronet