Update media learning experiments.

First, it adds (Base | Enhanced)UnweightedTree200 experiments, which
are like the originals but with 200 training examples maximum
instead of 100.

Since we're focusing on unweighted regression, this CL removes:

 - BaseTable
     This didn't seem to be representative of real MediaCapabilities
     probably due to lack of data / no data persistence.  Since we
     are focusing on unweighted anyway, BaseUnweightedTable or
     BaseUnweightedTree are better baselines.  We can also compare
     those to the upcoming unweighted MediaCapabilities experiment.

 - BaseTree
     This was an okay stand-in for MediaCapabilities, but since we
     are focusing on unweighted tasks, it's unclear that it means
     much as a baseline anymore.  BaseUnweightedTree is better to
     use as a baseline now.

 - EnhancedTree
     This didn't perform much differently than BaseTree, and was
     weighted anyway.

 - EnhancedUnweightedTree
     This didn't perform much differently than the unweighted tree,
     so no need to maintain it.  The newly-added 200 variant has
     a larger training set maximum size (200(!)), so we can see if
     that lets us get some more value from the new features.  To
     check the value of the features, compare the 200 variant to the
     BaseUnweightedTree200 instead.

 - BinarySmoothness
     This isn't a regression task.

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