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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
#include "ash/components/shortcut_viewer/ksv_export.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "ui/events/keycodes/keyboard_codes.h"
namespace keyboard_shortcut_viewer {
// The categories the shortcut belongs to. Used to group shortcuts in the
// viewer. This order is significant as it determines the order in which the
// categories will be displayed in the view.
enum class ShortcutCategory {
kUnknown = 0,
// AcceleratorId describes an accelerator key + modifiers combination. //ash
// and //chrome provide helpers for working with accelerator combinations but
// we cannot depend on them here. The key + modifiers are also used to populate
// the values of |shortcut_key_codes| field in KeyboardShortcutItem, in order to
// show the key and modifiers in the viewer with different styles.
struct KSV_EXPORT AcceleratorId {
bool operator<(const AcceleratorId& other) const;
ui::KeyboardCode keycode = ui::VKEY_UNKNOWN;
int modifiers = 0;
// Metadata about a VKEY-based keyboard shortcut in ui::Accelerator tables in
// both //ash and //chrome, including descriptive string resources ids.
// For example, a shortcut with description string of "Go to previous
// page in your browsing history" has shortcut string of "Alt + left arrow" and
// the category of Category::kTabAndWindow.
// To make the replacement parts highlighted in the UI, in this case, the I18n
// string of the shortcut is "<ph name="modifier">$1<ex>ALT</ex></ph> +
// <ph name="key">$2<ex>V</ex></ph>". The l10n_util::GetStringFUTF16() will
// return the offsets of the replacements, which are used to generate style
// ranges to insert symbols for the modifiers and key. The first placeholder
// (modifier) will be replaced by text "Alt" for search. The second placeholder
// (key) will be replaced by text "left arrow" so that users can search by
// "left" and/or "arrow". But the UI representation of the key is an icon of
// "left arrow".
struct KSV_EXPORT KeyboardShortcutItem {
const std::vector<ShortcutCategory>& categories,
int description_message_id,
int shortcut_message_id,
const std::vector<AcceleratorId>& accelerator_ids = {},
const std::vector<ui::KeyboardCode>& shortcut_key_codes = {});
explicit KeyboardShortcutItem(const KeyboardShortcutItem& other);
// The categories this shortcut belongs to.
std::vector<ShortcutCategory> categories;
// Id of the message resource describing what action the shortcut performs.
int description_message_id;
// Id of the message template resource used to list the keys making up the
// shortcut.
int shortcut_message_id;
// Multiple accelerators can be mapped to the same KeyboardShortcutItem.
// |shortcut_key_codes| could be auto-generated from |accelerator_ids| to
// avoid duplicates.
// There are four rules:
// 1. For regular accelerators, we show all modifiers and key in order, then
// we can auto-generate it by |accelerator_ids| (actually only one
// accelerator_id in this case).
// 2. For grouped |accelerator_ids| with the same modifiers, we can
// auto-generate the modifiers. We will not show the key.
// E.g. shortcuts for "CTRL + 1 through 8.", we will provide
// shortcut_string " + 1 through 8", and auto-generate {ui::VKEY_CONTROL}.
// 3. For grouped |accelerator_ids| with different modifiers, e.g.
// TOGGLE_FULLSCREEN, we can not auto-generate it and we will provide
// the |shortcut_key_codes|.
// 4. For ksv items not in the two accelerator_tables, we will provide the
// |shortcut_key_codes| and |accelerator_ids| will be empty.
std::vector<AcceleratorId> accelerator_ids;
// The VKEY codes of the key and each modifier comprising the shortcut. These
// are translated to text or icons representing each key, and substituted into
// the shortcut-message template string, to display to the user.
// For example of shortcut "Alt + left arrow", |shortcut_key_codes| will be
// {ui::VKEY_LMENU, ui::VKEY_LEFT}. ui::VKEY_LMENU indicates to display a text
// "Alt" and ui::VKEY_LEFT insidcates to display an icon of "left arrow".
// Note that the modifier is converted to ui::KeyboardCode so that there is
// only one enum type to deal with.
std::vector<ui::KeyboardCode> shortcut_key_codes;
} // namespace keyboard_shortcut_viewer