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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include "ppapi/c/trusted/ppb_browser_font_trusted.h"
#include "ppapi/cpp/resource.h"
#include "ppapi/cpp/var.h"
namespace pp {
class ImageData;
class InstanceHandle;
class Point;
class Rect;
// BrowserFontDescription ------------------------------------------------------
class BrowserFontDescription {
BrowserFontDescription(const BrowserFontDescription& other);
BrowserFontDescription& operator=(const BrowserFontDescription& other);
const PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_Description& pp_font_description() const {
return pp_font_description_;
Var face() const { return face_; }
void set_face(const Var& face) {
face_ = face;
pp_font_description_.face = face_.pp_var();
PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_Family family() const {
void set_family(PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_Family f) { = f;
uint32_t size() const { return pp_font_description_.size; }
void set_size(uint32_t s) { pp_font_description_.size = s; }
PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_Weight weight() const {
return pp_font_description_.weight;
void set_weight(PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_Weight w) {
pp_font_description_.weight = w;
bool italic() const { return PP_ToBool(pp_font_description_.italic); }
void set_italic(bool i) { pp_font_description_.italic = PP_FromBool(i); }
bool small_caps() const {
return PP_ToBool(pp_font_description_.small_caps);
void set_small_caps(bool s) {
pp_font_description_.small_caps = PP_FromBool(s);
int letter_spacing() const { return pp_font_description_.letter_spacing; }
void set_letter_spacing(int s) { pp_font_description_.letter_spacing = s; }
int word_spacing() const { return pp_font_description_.word_spacing; }
void set_word_spacing(int w) { pp_font_description_.word_spacing = w; }
friend class BrowserFont_Trusted;
Var face_; // Manages memory for pp_font_description_.face
PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_Description pp_font_description_;
// BrowserFontTextRun ----------------------------------------------------------
class BrowserFontTextRun {
BrowserFontTextRun(const std::string& text,
bool rtl = false,
bool override_direction = false);
BrowserFontTextRun(const BrowserFontTextRun& other);
BrowserFontTextRun& operator=(const BrowserFontTextRun& other);
const PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_TextRun& pp_text_run() const {
return pp_text_run_;
Var text_; // Manages memory for the reference in pp_text_run_.
PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_TextRun pp_text_run_;
// BrowserFont_Trusted ---------------------------------------------------------
// Provides access to system fonts.
class BrowserFont_Trusted : public Resource {
// Creates an is_null() Font object.
explicit BrowserFont_Trusted(PP_Resource resource);
BrowserFont_Trusted(const InstanceHandle& instance,
const BrowserFontDescription& description);
BrowserFont_Trusted(const BrowserFont_Trusted& other);
BrowserFont_Trusted& operator=(const BrowserFont_Trusted& other);
// PPB_Font methods:
static Var GetFontFamilies(const InstanceHandle& instance);
bool Describe(BrowserFontDescription* description,
PP_BrowserFont_Trusted_Metrics* metrics) const;
bool DrawTextAt(ImageData* dest,
const BrowserFontTextRun& text,
const Point& position,
uint32_t color,
const Rect& clip,
bool image_data_is_opaque) const;
int32_t MeasureText(const BrowserFontTextRun& text) const;
uint32_t CharacterOffsetForPixel(const BrowserFontTextRun& text,
int32_t pixel_position) const;
int32_t PixelOffsetForCharacter(const BrowserFontTextRun& text,
uint32_t char_offset) const;
// Convenience function that assumes a left-to-right string with no clipping.
bool DrawSimpleText(ImageData* dest,
const std::string& text,
const Point& position,
uint32_t color,
bool image_data_is_opaque = false) const;
// Convenience function that assumes a left-to-right string.
int32_t MeasureSimpleText(const std::string& text) const;
} // namespace pp