Fix incorrect translation expectations path

Without this CL the script fails to run with:

$ python tools/translation/
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "tools/translation/", line 212, in <module>
  File "tools/translation/", line 155, in main
  File "tools/translation/", line 108, in find_screenshots
    repo_root, list_grds_in_repository(repo_root), translation_expectations)
  File "$HOME/repos/chromium/src/tools/translation/helper/", line 101, in get_translatable_grds
    (translation_expectations_path, '\n - '.join(errors)))
Exception: $HOME/repos/chromium/src/tools/gritsettings/translation_expectations.pyl needs to be updated. Please fix these issues:
 - chrome/android/features/media_router/java/strings/android_chrome_media_router_strings.grd appears to be translatable (because it contains <file> or <message> elements), but is not listed in the translation expectations.
 - chrome/android/features/media_router/strings/android_chrome_media_router_strings.grd is listed in the translation expectations, but this grd file does not exist.

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