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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Defines the struct used to describe each of a brand's install modes; see
// install_modes.h for details. For brands that integrate with Google Update,
// each mode also describes a strategy for determining its update channel.
namespace install_static {
// Identifies different strategies for determining an update channel.
enum class ChannelStrategy {
// Update channels are not supported. This value is for exclusive use by
// brands that do not integrate with Google Update.
// Update channel is determined by parsing the "ap" value in the registry.
// This is used by Google Chrome's primary install mode to differentiate the
// beta and dev channels from the default stable channel.
// Update channel is a fixed value. This is used by to pin Google Chrome's SxS
// secondary install mode to the canary channel.
// A POD-struct defining constants for a brand's install mode. A brand has one
// primary and one or more secondary install modes. Refer to kInstallModes in
// and for examples of
// typical mode definitions.
struct InstallConstants {
// The size (in bytes) of this structure. This serves to verify that all
// modules in a process have the same definition of the struct.
size_t size;
// The brand-specific index/identifier of this instance (defined in a brand's
// BRAND_install_modes.h file). Index 0 is reserved for a brand's primary
// install mode.
int index;
// The install suffix of a secondary mode (e.g., " SxS" for canary Chrome) or
// an empty string for the primary mode. This suffix is appended to file and
// registry paths used by the product.
const wchar_t* install_suffix;
// The app guid with which this mode is registered with Google Update, or an
// empty string if the brand does not integrate with Google Update.
const wchar_t* app_guid;
// The default name for this mode's update channel.
const wchar_t* default_channel_name;
// The strategy used to determine the mode's update channel, or UNSUPPORTED if
// the brand does not integrate with Google Update.
ChannelStrategy channel_strategy;
// True if this mode supports system-level installs.
bool supports_system_level;
// True if this mode supports multi-install.
bool supports_multi_install;
} // namespace install_static