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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "content/common/input/input_injector.mojom.h"
#include "gin/wrappable.h"
namespace gin {
class Arguments;
namespace v8 {
class Isolate;
class Object;
} // namespace v8
namespace content {
class RenderFrameImpl;
// gin class for gpu benchmarking
class GpuBenchmarking : public gin::Wrappable<GpuBenchmarking> {
static gin::WrapperInfo kWrapperInfo;
static void Install(RenderFrameImpl* frame);
explicit GpuBenchmarking(RenderFrameImpl* frame);
~GpuBenchmarking() override;
void EnsureRemoteInterface();
// gin::Wrappable.
gin::ObjectTemplateBuilder GetObjectTemplateBuilder(
v8::Isolate* isolate) override;
// JavaScript handlers.
void SetNeedsDisplayOnAllLayers();
void SetRasterizeOnlyVisibleContent();
void PrintToSkPicture(v8::Isolate* isolate, const std::string& dirname);
void PrintPagesToSkPictures(v8::Isolate* isolate,
const std::string& filename);
void PrintPagesToXPS(v8::Isolate* isolate, const std::string& filename);
bool GestureSourceTypeSupported(int gesture_source_type);
// All arguments in these methods are in visual viewport coordinates.
bool SmoothScrollBy(gin::Arguments* args);
bool SmoothDrag(gin::Arguments* args);
bool Swipe(gin::Arguments* args);
bool ScrollBounce(gin::Arguments* args);
bool PinchBy(gin::Arguments* args);
bool Tap(gin::Arguments* args);
bool PointerActionSequence(gin::Arguments* args);
// The offset of the visual viewport *within* the layout viewport, in CSS
// pixels. i.e. As the user zooms in, these values don't change.
float VisualViewportX();
float VisualViewportY();
// The width and height of the visual viewport in CSS pixels. i.e. As the
// user zooms in, these get smaller (since the physical viewport is a fixed
// size, fewer CSS pixels fit into it).
float VisualViewportHeight();
float VisualViewportWidth();
// Returns the page scale factor applied as a result of pinch-zoom.
float PageScaleFactor();
// Sets the page scale factor applied as a result of pinch-zoom.
void SetPageScaleFactor(float scale);
void SetBrowserControlsShown(bool shown);
void ClearImageCache();
int RunMicroBenchmark(gin::Arguments* args);
bool SendMessageToMicroBenchmark(int id, v8::Local<v8::Object> message);
bool HasGpuChannel();
bool HasGpuProcess();
void CrashGpuProcess();
void GetGpuDriverBugWorkarounds(gin::Arguments* args);
// Starts/stops the sampling profiler. StartProfiling takes one optional
// argument, which is a file name for saving the data (relative to `pwd`
// or %USERDIR%); if omitted, it defaults to "profile.pb".
// DO NOT USE THIS IN CHROMIUM TESTS -- we don't want to fill up the bots'
// hard drives with profile data.
void StartProfiling(gin::Arguments* args);
void StopProfiling();
// Freezes a page, used to transition the page to the FROZEN lifecycle state.
void Freeze();
// Register a callback that should be fired when the next swap completes.
// The callback is removed once it's executed.
bool AddSwapCompletionEventListener(gin::Arguments* args);
RenderFrameImpl* render_frame_;
mojom::InputInjectorPtr input_injector_;
} // namespace content