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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "third_party/blink/renderer/modules/accessibility/ax_relation_cache.h"
#include "base/memory/ptr_util.h"
#include "third_party/blink/renderer/core/dom/element_traversal.h"
#include "third_party/blink/renderer/core/html/forms/html_label_element.h"
namespace blink {
AXRelationCache::AXRelationCache(AXObjectCacheImpl* object_cache)
: object_cache_(object_cache) {}
AXRelationCache::~AXRelationCache() = default;
void AXRelationCache::Init() {
// Init the relation cache with elements already in the document.
Document& document = object_cache_->GetDocument();
for (Element& element :
ElementTraversal::DescendantsOf(*document.documentElement())) {
const auto& id = element.FastGetAttribute(html_names::kForAttr);
if (!id.IsEmpty())
if (element.FastHasAttribute(html_names::kAriaOwnsAttr)) {
if (AXObject* obj = object_cache_->GetOrCreate(&element)) {
bool AXRelationCache::IsAriaOwned(const AXObject* child) const {
return aria_owned_child_to_owner_mapping_.Contains(child->AXObjectID());
AXObject* AXRelationCache::GetAriaOwnedParent(const AXObject* child) const {
// Child IDs may still be present in owning parents whose list of children
// have been marked as requiring an update, but have not been updated yet.
HashMap<AXID, AXID>::const_iterator iter =
if (iter == aria_owned_child_to_owner_mapping_.end())
return nullptr;
return ObjectFromAXID(iter->value);
// Update reverse relation map, where relation_source is related to target_ids.
void AXRelationCache::UpdateReverseRelations(const AXObject* relation_source,
const Vector<String>& target_ids) {
AXID relation_source_axid = relation_source->AXObjectID();
// Add entries to reverse map.
for (const String& target_id : target_ids) {
auto result =
id_attr_to_related_mapping_.insert(target_id, HashSet<AXID>());
static bool ContainsCycle(AXObject* owner, AXObject* child) {
// Walk up the parents of the owner object, make sure that this child
// doesn't appear there, as that would create a cycle.
for (AXObject* parent = owner; parent; parent = parent->ParentObject()) {
if (parent == child)
return true;
return false;
bool AXRelationCache::IsValidOwnsRelation(AXObject* owner,
AXObject* child) const {
if (!child)
return false;
// If this child is already aria-owned by a different owner, continue.
// It's an author error if this happens and we don't worry about which of
// the two owners wins ownership of the child, as long as only one of them
// does.
if (IsAriaOwned(child) && GetAriaOwnedParent(child) != owner)
return false;
// You can't own yourself or an ancestor!
if (ContainsCycle(owner, child))
return false;
return true;
void AXRelationCache::UnmapOwnedChildren(const AXObject* owner,
const Vector<AXID> child_ids) {
for (AXID removed_child_id : child_ids) {
// Find the AXObject for the child that this owner no longer owns.
AXObject* removed_child = ObjectFromAXID(removed_child_id);
// It's possible that this child has already been owned by some other
// owner, in which case we don't need to do anything.
if (removed_child && GetAriaOwnedParent(removed_child) != owner)
// Remove it from the child -> owner mapping so it's not owned by this
// owner anymore.
if (removed_child) {
// If the child still exists, find its "real" parent, and reparent it
// back to its real parent in the tree by detaching it from its current
// parent and calling childrenChanged on its real parent.
AXID real_parent_id =;
AXObject* real_parent = ObjectFromAXID(real_parent_id);
// Remove the child -> original parent mapping too since this object has
// now been reparented back to its original parent.
void AXRelationCache::MapOwnedChildren(const AXObject* owner,
const Vector<AXID> child_ids) {
for (AXID added_child_id : child_ids) {
AXObject* added_child = ObjectFromAXID(added_child_id);
// Add this child to the mapping from child to owner.
aria_owned_child_to_owner_mapping_.Set(added_child_id, owner->AXObjectID());
// Add its parent object to a mapping from child to real parent. If later
// this owner doesn't own this child anymore, we need to return it to its
// original parent.
AXObject* original_parent = added_child->ParentObject();
// Now detach the object from its original parent and call childrenChanged
// on the original parent so that it can recompute its list of children.
void AXRelationCache::UpdateAriaOwns(
const AXObject* owner,
const Vector<String>& owned_id_vector,
HeapVector<Member<AXObject>>& validated_owned_children_result) {
// Track reverse relations for future tree updates.
UpdateReverseRelations(owner, owned_id_vector);
// Figure out the ids that actually correspond to children that exist
// and that we can legally own (not cyclical, not already owned, etc.) and
// update the maps and |validated_owned_children_result| based on that.
// Figure out the children that are owned by this object and are in the
// tree.
TreeScope& scope = owner->GetNode()->GetTreeScope();
Vector<AXID> validated_owned_child_axids;
for (const String& id_name : owned_id_vector) {
Element* element = scope.getElementById(AtomicString(id_name));
AXObject* child = GetOrCreate(element);
if (IsValidOwnsRelation(const_cast<AXObject*>(owner), child)) {
// Compare this to the current list of owned children, and exit early if
// there are no changes.
Vector<AXID> current_child_axids =>AXObjectID());
if (current_child_axids == validated_owned_child_axids)
// The list of owned children has changed. Even if they were just reordered,
// to be safe and handle all cases we remove all of the current owned
// children and add the new list of owned children.
UnmapOwnedChildren(owner, current_child_axids);
MapOwnedChildren(owner, validated_owned_child_axids);
// Finally, update the mapping from the owner to the list of child IDs.
bool AXRelationCache::MayHaveHTMLLabelViaForAttribute(
const HTMLElement& labelable) {
const AtomicString& id = labelable.GetIdAttribute();
if (id.IsEmpty())
return false;
return all_previously_seen_label_target_ids_.Contains(id);
// Fill source_objects with AXObjects for relations pointing to target.
void AXRelationCache::GetReverseRelated(
Node* target,
HeapVector<Member<AXObject>>& source_objects) {
auto* element = DynamicTo<Element>(target);
if (!element)
if (!element->HasID())
auto it = id_attr_to_related_mapping_.find(element->GetIdAttribute());
if (it == id_attr_to_related_mapping_.end())
for (const auto& source_axid : it->value) {
AXObject* source_object = ObjectFromAXID(source_axid);
if (source_object)
void AXRelationCache::UpdateRelatedTree(Node* node) {
HeapVector<Member<AXObject>> related_sources;
AXObject* related_target = Get(node);
// If it's already owned, call childrenChanged on the owner to make sure
// it's still an owner.
if (related_target && IsAriaOwned(related_target)) {
AXObject* owned_parent = GetAriaOwnedParent(related_target);
// Ensure children are updated if there is a change.
GetReverseRelated(node, related_sources);
for (AXObject* related : related_sources) {
if (related)
void AXRelationCache::UpdateRelatedText(Node* node) {
// Walk up ancestor chain from node and refresh text of any related content.
while (node) {
// Reverse relations via aria-labelledby, aria-describedby, aria-owns.
HeapVector<Member<AXObject>> related_sources;
GetReverseRelated(node, related_sources);
for (AXObject* related : related_sources) {
if (related)
// Forward relation via <label for="[id]">.
if (IsA<HTMLLabelElement>(*node))
node = node->parentNode();
void AXRelationCache::RemoveAXID(AXID obj_id) {
if (aria_owner_to_children_mapping_.Contains(obj_id)) {
Vector<AXID> child_axids =;
AXObject* AXRelationCache::ObjectFromAXID(AXID axid) const {
return object_cache_->ObjectFromAXID(axid);
AXObject* AXRelationCache::Get(Node* node) {
return object_cache_->Get(node);
AXObject* AXRelationCache::GetOrCreate(Node* node) {
return object_cache_->GetOrCreate(node);
void AXRelationCache::ChildrenChanged(AXObject* object) {
void AXRelationCache::TextChanged(AXObject* object) {
void AXRelationCache::LabelChanged(Node* node) {
const auto& id =
if (!id.IsEmpty()) {
if (auto* control = To<HTMLLabelElement>(node)->control())
} // namespace blink