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  2. DEPS
  5. choose_file_system_entries_options.idl
  6. choose_file_system_entries_options_accepts.idl
  7. file_system_create_writer_options.idl
  8. file_system_directory_handle.idl
  9. file_system_file_handle.idl
  10. file_system_get_directory_options.idl
  11. file_system_get_file_options.idl
  12. file_system_handle.idl
  13. file_system_handle_permission_descriptor.idl
  14. file_system_remove_options.idl
  15. file_system_writer.idl
  16. get_system_directory_options.idl
  18. native_file_system_directory_handle.h
  20. native_file_system_directory_iterator.h
  21. native_file_system_directory_iterator.idl
  22. native_file_system_directory_iterator_entry.idl
  24. native_file_system_error.h
  26. native_file_system_file_handle.h
  28. native_file_system_handle.h
  30. native_file_system_writer.h
  32. window_native_file_system.h
  33. window_native_file_system.idl

Native File System API

This directory contains the renderer side implementation of the native file system API.

Related directories

//content/browser/native_file_system/ contains the browser side implementation and blink/public/mojom/native_file_system contains the mojom interfaces for these APIs.

APIs In this directory

This directory contains the implementation of the new and still under development Native File System API.

It consists of the following parts:

  • FileSystemHandle, FileSystemFileHandle and FileSystemDirectoryHandle: these interfaces mimic the old Entry interfaces, but expose a more modern promisified API.

  • getSystemDirectory: An entry point (exposed via FileSystemDirectoryHandle) that today only gives access to the same sandboxed filesystem as what was available through the old API. In the future this could get extended to add support for other directories as well.

  • FileSystemWriter: a more modern API with similar functionality to the old FileWriter API. The implementation of this actually does make use of a different mojom interface than the old API. But since the functionality is mostly the same, hopefully we will be able to migrate the old implementation to the new mojom API as well.

  • chooseFileSystemEntries: An entry point, currently on window, that lets a website pop-up a file picker, prompting the user to select one or more files or directories, to which the website than gets access.