IdentityManager: Remove legacy API call from InlineLoginHandlerImpl

InlineLoginHandlerImpl seeds account info with IdentityManager without
actually adding the account. This is a legacy API surface that was
added during the transition to IdentityManager, but is not a long-term
supported usage mode.

This call is in fact unnecessary (thanks to droger@ for the below

"There are two cases here: UNLOCK (which is a reauth, line 390) and
FORCED_SIGNIN which is a new signin (line 413).

In the UNLOCK case, the call to AddOrUpdateAccount() below (line 391) is
only there to update the token. The account should already been known to

In the FORCED_SIGNIN case, which is the "else" clause on line 413, the
account will be added in the CreateSyncStarter() method (line 459) unless
we are in the edge case where the user doesn't confirm the untrusted
signin (line 435). In this edge case, there may be a difference in behavior:
in the existing code, the account remains in Chrome but has no token.
If we just delete the code, the account is not present in Chrome in any
fashion. I think the latter is what we want."

This reasoning is particularly compelling when considering the fact that
IdentityManager by design does not even expose accounts that are seeded but
have no refresh token (i.e., there is no way for clients of IdentityManager
to see these accounts).

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