Revert "[AF][Paradise] Enable Paradise settings button for non-sync users"

This reverts commit c8d72cdba1671a341b9fa11d4cc0707c23a3f66f.

Reason for revert: It breaks local card migration browsertests and guests window. 941880, 941780

Original change's description:
> [AF][Paradise] Enable Paradise settings button for non-sync users
> Previously there were two sets of prerequisites checks which are fragile
> and complex. Here I refactored the LocalCardMigrationManager to allow
> prerequisites checks to be shared by both checkout form flow and
> settings page flow.
> Change in the LocalCardMigrationManager is already covered by unittests
> and browsertests. So I only modify the test file for payments_section.js
> Bug: 897998
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# Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.

Bug: 897998
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