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Original change's description:
> Implement MimeHandlerViewFrameController
> This CL implements the renderer side of MimeHandlerView based on
> cross-process frames (behind a flag).
> The new subclass of MimeHandlerViewContainerBase will use a content
> frame inside a plugin element for loading the MimeHandlerViewGuest's
> extension.
> The current implementation is not complete and the missing features
> such as postMessage support will be added in the follow-up CLs.
> This CL also introduces a new class of parametric browser tests
> (MimeHandlerViewCrossProcessTest) which will be the destination of
> the current MimeHandlerViewTests as more features are integrated into
> the frame-based version. The new test class runs the test on both
> BrowserPlugin-based and cross-process-frame-based versions.
> Document:
> Bug: 659750
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