Roll GN from 64b846c9 to 81ee1967.

81ee1967 Fix recursion on io_conversion help directions
73e89074 [docs] Fix typo 'is' => 'it'
f5ad8072 [docs] Use variable 'include_dirs' instead of 'includes‘
252674db Let source_target_relative be a valid substitution for bundle_data.
be0c06cb [infra] Switch to older Clang
9bd94208 Properly exit when an unknown tool is defined.
9a469b22 Refactor SubstitutionType for increased flexibility
19f79dec Add test for empty source set/static lib to NinjaBinaryTargetWriter
c599fdbb Fix use of 'is' operator for comparison
a4026b74 [infra] Delete cq.cfg
cf4c0734 [infra] Update recipes engine to 0589a4
d409ab89 Fix gn meta to handle non-string metadata
72a485f0 Remove check for C/C++ files on binary writer
9a3779dc Add support for .rs and .go source files
9ef31762 Move C logic to child class of NinjaBinaryTargetWriter
5b0bb6a7 Move Tool logic out of Toolchain
2691ec86 Canonicalize metadata walk_keys list before comaparing.
78db9de5 Fix formatting of escaping table.
cd8d9d47 Optimize string escape functions
2c72317e Support for building on OpenBSD.
2349dc4e [compdb] Optionally filter the compilation database.
0f3dbca6 Use LLVM archiver on macOS

Bug: gn:68, gn:67, gn:74, gn:77
Bug: chromium:958874, chromium:955936, chromium:608382
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