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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "components/password_manager/core/browser/login_database.h"
#include "components/password_manager/core/browser/password_store.h"
namespace password_manager {
// Simple password store implementation that delegates everything to
// the LoginDatabase.
class PasswordStoreDefault : public PasswordStore {
// The |login_db| must not have been Init()-ed yet. It will be initialized in
// a deferred manner on the background sequence.
explicit PasswordStoreDefault(std::unique_ptr<LoginDatabase> login_db);
void ShutdownOnUIThread() override;
#if defined(USE_X11)
// Dispose the current |login_db_| and use |login_db|. |login_db| is expected
// to have been initialised. A null value is equivalent to a database which
// can't be opened.
// TODO( This is only used to migrate Linux to an encrypted
// LoginDatabase.
void SetLoginDB(std::unique_ptr<LoginDatabase> login_db);
#endif // defined(USE_X11)
// To be used only for testing or in subclasses.
LoginDatabase* login_db() const { return login_db_.get(); }
~PasswordStoreDefault() override;
// Opens |login_db_| on the background sequence.
bool InitOnBackgroundSequence(
const syncer::SyncableService::StartSyncFlare& flare) override;
// Implements PasswordStore interface.
void ReportMetricsImpl(const std::string& sync_username,
bool custom_passphrase_sync_enabled) override;
PasswordStoreChangeList AddLoginImpl(
const autofill::PasswordForm& form) override;
PasswordStoreChangeList UpdateLoginImpl(
const autofill::PasswordForm& form) override;
PasswordStoreChangeList RemoveLoginImpl(
const autofill::PasswordForm& form) override;
PasswordStoreChangeList RemoveLoginsByURLAndTimeImpl(
const base::Callback<bool(const GURL&)>& url_filter,
base::Time delete_begin,
base::Time delete_end) override;
PasswordStoreChangeList RemoveLoginsCreatedBetweenImpl(
base::Time delete_begin,
base::Time delete_end) override;
PasswordStoreChangeList RemoveLoginsSyncedBetweenImpl(
base::Time delete_begin,
base::Time delete_end) override;
PasswordStoreChangeList DisableAutoSignInForOriginsImpl(
const base::Callback<bool(const GURL&)>& origin_filter) override;
bool RemoveStatisticsByOriginAndTimeImpl(
const base::Callback<bool(const GURL&)>& origin_filter,
base::Time delete_begin,
base::Time delete_end) override;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<autofill::PasswordForm>> FillMatchingLogins(
const FormDigest& form) override;
FillLoginsForSameOrganizationName(const std::string& signon_realm) override;
bool FillAutofillableLogins(
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<autofill::PasswordForm>>* forms) override;
bool FillBlacklistLogins(
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<autofill::PasswordForm>>* forms) override;
DatabaseCleanupResult DeleteUndecryptableLogins() override;
void AddSiteStatsImpl(const InteractionsStats& stats) override;
void RemoveSiteStatsImpl(const GURL& origin_domain) override;
std::vector<InteractionsStats> GetAllSiteStatsImpl() override;
std::vector<InteractionsStats> GetSiteStatsImpl(
const GURL& origin_domain) override;
// Implements PasswordStoreSync interface.
bool BeginTransaction() override;
bool CommitTransaction() override;
inline bool DeleteAndRecreateDatabaseFile() {
return login_db_->DeleteAndRecreateDatabaseFile();
// Resets |login_db_| on the background sequence.
void ResetLoginDB();
// The login SQL database. The LoginDatabase instance is received via the
// in an uninitialized state, so as to allow injecting mocks, then Init() is
// called on the background sequence in a deferred manner. If opening the DB
// fails, |login_db_| will be reset and stay NULL for the lifetime of |this|.
std::unique_ptr<LoginDatabase> login_db_;
} // namespace password_manager