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// Copyright 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
namespace gfx {
class Rect;
class Transform;
namespace cc {
class LayerTreeHost;
class LayerTreeHostImpl;
class OverdrawMetrics {
static scoped_ptr<OverdrawMetrics> Create(bool record_metrics_for_frame) {
return make_scoped_ptr(new OverdrawMetrics(record_metrics_for_frame));
// These methods are used for saving metrics during update/commit.
// Record pixels painted by WebKit into the texture updater, but does not mean
// the pixels were rasterized in main memory.
void DidPaint(gfx::Rect painted_rect);
// Records that an invalid tile was culled and did not need to be
// painted/uploaded, and did not contribute to other tiles needing to be
// painted.
void DidCullTilesForUpload(int count);
// Records pixels that were uploaded to texture memory.
void DidUpload(const gfx::Transform& transform_to_target,
gfx::Rect upload_rect,
gfx::Rect opaque_rect);
// Record contents texture(s) behind present using the given number of bytes.
void DidUseContentsTextureMemoryBytes(size_t contents_texture_use_bytes);
// Record RenderSurfaceImpl texture(s) being present using the given number of
// bytes.
void DidUseRenderSurfaceTextureMemoryBytes(size_t render_surface_use_bytes);
// These methods are used for saving metrics during draw.
// Record pixels that were not drawn to screen.
void DidCullForDrawing(const gfx::Transform& transform_to_target,
gfx::Rect before_cull_rect,
gfx::Rect after_cull_rect);
// Record pixels that were drawn to screen.
void DidDraw(const gfx::Transform& transform_to_target,
gfx::Rect after_cull_rect,
gfx::Rect opaque_rect);
void RecordMetrics(const LayerTreeHost* layer_tree_host) const;
void RecordMetrics(const LayerTreeHostImpl* layer_tree_host_impl) const;
// Accessors for tests.
float pixels_drawn_opaque() const { return pixels_drawn_opaque_; }
float pixels_drawn_translucent() const { return pixels_drawn_translucent_; }
float pixels_culled_for_drawing() const { return pixels_culled_for_drawing_; }
float pixels_painted() const { return pixels_painted_; }
float pixels_uploaded_opaque() const { return pixels_uploaded_opaque_; }
float pixels_uploaded_translucent() const {
return pixels_uploaded_translucent_;
int tiles_culled_for_upload() const { return tiles_culled_for_upload_; }
enum MetricsType {
explicit OverdrawMetrics(bool record_metrics_for_frame);
template <typename LayerTreeHostType>
void RecordMetricsInternal(MetricsType metrics_type,
const LayerTreeHostType* layer_tree_host) const;
// When false this class is a giant no-op.
bool record_metrics_for_frame_;
// These values are used for saving metrics during update/commit.
// Count of pixels that were painted due to invalidation.
float pixels_painted_;
// Count of pixels uploaded to textures and known to be opaque.
float pixels_uploaded_opaque_;
// Count of pixels uploaded to textures and not known to be opaque.
float pixels_uploaded_translucent_;
// Count of tiles that were invalidated but not uploaded.
int tiles_culled_for_upload_;
// Count the number of bytes in contents textures.
uint64 contents_texture_use_bytes_;
// Count the number of bytes in RenderSurfaceImpl textures.
uint64 render_surface_texture_use_bytes_;
// These values are used for saving metrics during draw.
// Count of pixels that are opaque (and thus occlude). Ideally this is no more
// than wiewport width x height.
float pixels_drawn_opaque_;
// Count of pixels that are possibly translucent, and cannot occlude.
float pixels_drawn_translucent_;
// Count of pixels not drawn as they are occluded by somthing opaque.
float pixels_culled_for_drawing_;
} // namespace cc