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// Copyright 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "cc/base/cc_export.h"
#include "cc/output/begin_frame_args.h"
#include "cc/scheduler/scheduler_settings.h"
namespace cc {
// The SchedulerStateMachine decides how to coordinate main thread activites
// like painting/running javascript with rendering and input activities on the
// impl thread.
// The state machine tracks internal state but is also influenced by external
// state. Internal state includes things like whether a frame has been
// requested, while external state includes things like the current time being
// near to the vblank time.
// The scheduler seperates "what to do next" from the updating of its internal
// state to make testing cleaner.
class CC_EXPORT SchedulerStateMachine {
// settings must be valid for the lifetime of this class.
explicit SchedulerStateMachine(const SchedulerSettings& settings);
enum CommitState {
enum TextureState {
enum OutputSurfaceState {
bool CommitPending() const {
return commit_state_ == COMMIT_STATE_FRAME_IN_PROGRESS ||
bool RedrawPending() const { return needs_redraw_; }
enum Action {
Action NextAction() const;
void UpdateState(Action action);
// Indicates whether the main thread needs a begin frame callback in order to
// make progress.
bool BeginFrameNeededToDrawByImplThread() const;
bool ProactiveBeginFrameWantedByImplThread() const;
// Indicates that the system has entered and left a BeginFrame callback.
// The scheduler will not draw more than once in a given BeginFrame
// callback.
void DidEnterBeginFrame(const BeginFrameArgs& args);
void DidLeaveBeginFrame();
bool inside_begin_frame() const { return inside_begin_frame_; }
// Indicates whether the LayerTreeHostImpl is visible.
void SetVisible(bool visible);
// Indicates that a redraw is required, either due to the impl tree changing
// or the screen being damaged and simply needing redisplay.
void SetNeedsRedraw();
// As SetNeedsRedraw(), but ensures the draw will definitely happen even if
// we are not visible.
void SetNeedsForcedRedraw();
// Indicates that a redraw is required because we are currently rendering
// with a low resolution or checkerboarded tile.
void DidSwapUseIncompleteTile();
// Indicates whether ACTION_DRAW_IF_POSSIBLE drew to the screen or not.
void DidDrawIfPossibleCompleted(bool success);
// Indicates that a new commit flow needs to be performed, either to pull
// updates from the main thread to the impl, or to push deltas from the impl
// thread to main.
void SetNeedsCommit();
// As SetNeedsCommit(), but ensures the begin frame will be sent to the main
// thread even if we are not visible. After this call we expect to go through
// the forced commit flow and then return to waiting for a non-forced
// begin frame to finish.
void SetNeedsForcedCommit();
// Call this only in response to receiving an
// Indicates that all painting is complete.
void FinishCommit();
// Call this only in response to receiving an
// ACTION_SEND_BEGIN_FRAME_TO_MAIN_THREAD from NextAction if the client
// rejects the begin frame message.
void BeginFrameAbortedByMainThread();
// Request exclusive access to the textures that back single buffered
// layers on behalf of the main thread. Upon acquisition,
// ACTION_DRAW_IF_POSSIBLE will not draw until the main thread releases the
// textures to the impl thread by committing the layers.
void SetMainThreadNeedsLayerTextures();
// Set that we can create the first OutputSurface and start the scheduler.
void SetCanStart() { can_start_ = true; }
// Indicates whether drawing would, at this time, make sense.
// CanDraw can be used to supress flashes or checkerboarding
// when such behavior would be undesirable.
void SetCanDraw(bool can);
// Indicates whether or not there is a pending tree. This influences
// whether or not we can succesfully commit at this time. If the
// last commit is still being processed (but not blocking), it may not
// be possible to take another commit yet. This overrides force commit,
// as a commit is already still in flight.
void SetHasPendingTree(bool has_pending_tree);
bool has_pending_tree() const { return has_pending_tree_; }
void DidLoseOutputSurface();
void DidCreateAndInitializeOutputSurface();
bool HasInitializedOutputSurface() const;
// Exposed for testing purposes.
void SetMaximumNumberOfFailedDrawsBeforeDrawIsForced(int num_draws);
// False if drawing is not being prevented, true if drawing won't happen
// for some reason, such as not being visible.
bool DrawSuspendedUntilCommit() const;
std::string ToString();
bool ShouldDrawForced() const;
bool ScheduledToDraw() const;
bool ShouldDraw() const;
bool ShouldAttemptTreeActivation() const;
bool ShouldAcquireLayerTexturesForMainThread() const;
bool ShouldCheckForCompletedTileUploads() const;
bool HasDrawnThisFrame() const;
bool HasAttemptedTreeActivationThisFrame() const;
bool HasCheckedForCompletedTileUploadsThisFrame() const;
const SchedulerSettings settings_;
CommitState commit_state_;
int commit_count_;
int current_frame_number_;
int last_frame_number_where_draw_was_called_;
int last_frame_number_where_tree_activation_attempted_;
int last_frame_number_where_check_for_completed_tile_uploads_called_;
int consecutive_failed_draws_;
int maximum_number_of_failed_draws_before_draw_is_forced_;
bool needs_redraw_;
bool swap_used_incomplete_tile_;
bool needs_forced_redraw_;
bool needs_forced_redraw_after_next_commit_;
bool needs_commit_;
bool needs_forced_commit_;
bool expect_immediate_begin_frame_for_main_thread_;
bool main_thread_needs_layer_textures_;
bool inside_begin_frame_;
BeginFrameArgs last_begin_frame_args_;
bool visible_;
bool can_start_;
bool can_draw_;
bool has_pending_tree_;
bool draw_if_possible_failed_;
TextureState texture_state_;
OutputSurfaceState output_surface_state_;
bool did_create_and_initialize_first_output_surface_;
} // namespace cc