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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chromeos/chromeos_switches.h"
namespace chromeos {
namespace switches {
// Path for app's OEM manifest file.
const char kAppOemManifestFile[] = "app-mode-oem-manifest";
// When wallpaper boot animation is not disabled this switch
// is used to override OOBE/sign in WebUI init type.
// Possible values: parallel|postpone. Default: parallel.
const char kAshWebUIInit[] = "ash-webui-init";
// Enables overriding the path for the default authentication extension.
const char kAuthExtensionPath[] = "auth-ext-path";
// Enables overriding the Chrome OS board type when running on Linux.
const char kChromeOSReleaseBoard[] = "chromeos-release-board";
// Forces the stub implementation of dbus clients.
const char kDbusStub[] = "dbus-stub";
// Disables wallpaper boot animation (except of OOBE case).
const char kDisableBootAnimation[] = "disable-boot-animation";
// Disables Chrome Captive Portal detector, which initiates Captive
// Portal detection for new active networks.
const char kDisableChromeCaptivePortalDetector[] =
// Disables Google Drive integration.
const char kDisableDrive[] = "disable-drive";
// Disable policy-configured local accounts.
const char kDisableLocalAccounts[] = "disable-local-accounts";
// Avoid doing expensive animations upon login.
const char kDisableLoginAnimations[] = "disable-login-animations";
// Disable new channel switcher UI.
const char kDisableNewChannelSwitcherUI[] = "disable-new-channel-switcher-ui";
// Disable Quickoffice component app thus handlers won't be registered so
// it will be possible to install another version as normal app for testing.
const char kDisableQuickofficeComponentApp[] =
// Disables fetching online CrOS EULA page, only static version is shown.
const char kDisableOnlineEULA[] = "disable-cros-online-eula";
// Avoid doing animations upon oobe.
const char kDisableOobeAnimation[] = "disable-oobe-animation";
// Disables portal detection and network error handling before auto
// update.
const char kDisableOOBEBlockingUpdate[] =
// Disables fake ethernet network in the stub implementations.
const char kDisableStubEthernet[] = "disable-stub-ethernet";
// Enables overriding the path for the default echo component extension.
// Useful for testing.
const char kEchoExtensionPath[] = "echo-ext-path";
// Enables component extension that initializes background pages of
// certain hosted applications.
const char kEnableBackgroundLoader[] = "enable-background-loader";
// Enables switching between different cellular carriers from the UI.
const char kEnableCarrierSwitching[] = "enable-carrier-switching";
// Enable switching between audio devices in Chrome instead of cras.
const char kEnableChromeAudioSwitching[] = "enable-chrome-audio-switching";
// Enables Chrome Captive Portal detector, which initiates Captive
// Portal detection for new active networks.
const char kEnableChromeCaptivePortalDetector[] =
// Disables the new NetworkChangeNotifier which uses NetworkStateHandler.
const char kDisableNewNetworkChangeNotifier[] =
// Enables screensaver extensions.
const char kEnableScreensaverExtensions[] = "enable-screensaver-extensions";
// Enable "interactive" mode for stub implemenations (e.g. NetworkStateHandler)
const char kEnableStubInteractive[] = "enable-stub-interactive";
// Enables touchpad three-finger-click as middle button.
const char kEnableTouchpadThreeFingerClick[]
= "enable-touchpad-three-finger-click";
// Enable Kiosk mode for ChromeOS. Note this switch refers to retail mode rather
// than the kiosk app mode.
const char kEnableKioskMode[] = "enable-kiosk-mode";
// Enables request of tablet site (via user agent override).
const char kEnableRequestTabletSite[] = "enable-request-tablet-site";
// Enables static ip configuration. This flag should be removed when it's on by
// default.
const char kEnableStaticIPConfig[] = "enable-static-ip-config";
// Power of the power-of-2 initial modulus that will be used by the
// auto-enrollment client. E.g. "4" means the modulus will be 2^4 = 16.
const char kEnterpriseEnrollmentInitialModulus[] =
// Power of the power-of-2 maximum modulus that will be used by the
// auto-enrollment client.
const char kEnterpriseEnrollmentModulusLimit[] =
// Shows the selecting checkboxes in the
const char kFileManagerShowCheckboxes[] = "file-manager-show-checkboxes";
// Enables the sharing feature in the
const char kFileManagerEnableSharing[] = "file-manager-enable-sharing";
// Passed to Chrome on first boot. Not passed on restart after sign out.
const char kFirstBoot[] = "first-boot";
// Usually in browser tests the usual login manager bringup is skipped so that
// tests can change how it's brought up. This flag disables that.
const char kForceLoginManagerInTests[] = "force-login-manager-in-tests";
// Indicates that the browser is in "browse without sign-in" (Guest session)
// mode. Should completely disable extensions, sync and bookmarks.
const char kGuestSession[] = "bwsi";
// If true, the Chromebook has a Chrome OS keyboard. Don't use the flag for
// Chromeboxes.
const char kHasChromeOSKeyboard[] = "has-chromeos-keyboard";
// If true, the Chromebook has a keyboard with a diamond key.
const char kHasChromeOSDiamondKey[] = "has-chromeos-diamond-key";
// Path for the screensaver used in Kiosk mode
const char kKioskModeScreensaverPath[] = "kiosk-mode-screensaver-path";
// Allows override of oobe for testing - goes directly to the login screen.
const char kLoginScreen[] = "login-screen";
// Enables Chrome-as-a-login-manager behavior.
const char kLoginManager[] = "login-manager";
// Specifies a password to be used to login (along with login-user).
const char kLoginPassword[] = "login-password";
// Specifies the profile to use once a chromeos user is logged in.
const char kLoginProfile[] = "login-profile";
// Specifies the user which is already logged in.
const char kLoginUser[] = "login-user";
// Enables natural scroll by default.
const char kNaturalScrollDefault[] = "enable-natural-scroll-default";
// Disables tab discard in low memory conditions, a feature which silently
// closes inactive tabs to free memory and to attempt to avoid the kernel's
// out-of-memory process killer.
const char kNoDiscardTabs[] = "no-discard-tabs";
// Disables recording of swap and CPU utilization metrics logging after tab
// switch and scroll events.
const char kNoSwapMetrics[] = "no-swap-metrics";
#ifndef NDEBUG
// Skips all other OOBE pages after user login.
const char kOobeSkipPostLogin[] = "oobe-skip-postlogin";
#endif // NDEBUG
// Skips the machine hwid check. Useful for running in VMs because they have no
// hwid.
const char kSkipHWIDCheck[] = "skip-hwid-check";
// Sends test messages on first call to RequestUpdate (stub only).
const char kSmsTestMessages[] = "sms-test-messages";
// Indicates that a stub implementation of CrosSettings that stores settings in
// memory without signing should be used, treating current user as the owner.
// This option is for testing the chromeos build of chrome on the desktop only.
const char kStubCrosSettings[] = "stub-cros-settings";
// Enables usage of the new ManagedNetworkConfigurationHandler and
// NetworkConfigurationHandler singletons.
const char kUseNewNetworkConfigurationHandlers[] =
const char kUseNewNetworkConnectionHandler[] =
} // namespace switches
} // namespace chromeos