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// Copyright 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "sync/base/sync_export.h"
#include "sync/internal_api/public/base/model_type.h"
#include "sync/syncable/entry.h"
#include "sync/syncable/metahandle_set.h"
namespace syncer {
class WriteNode;
namespace syncable {
class WriteTransaction;
enum Create {
enum CreateNewUpdateItem {
// A mutable meta entry. Changes get committed to the database when the
// WriteTransaction is destroyed.
class SYNC_EXPORT_PRIVATE MutableEntry : public Entry {
void Init(WriteTransaction* trans, ModelType model_type,
const Id& parent_id, const std::string& name);
MutableEntry(WriteTransaction* trans, Create, ModelType model_type,
const Id& parent_id, const std::string& name);
MutableEntry(WriteTransaction* trans, CreateNewUpdateItem, const Id& id);
MutableEntry(WriteTransaction* trans, GetByHandle, int64);
MutableEntry(WriteTransaction* trans, GetById, const Id&);
MutableEntry(WriteTransaction* trans, GetByClientTag, const std::string& tag);
MutableEntry(WriteTransaction* trans, GetByServerTag, const std::string& tag);
inline WriteTransaction* write_transaction() const {
return write_transaction_;
// Field Accessors. Some of them trigger the re-indexing of the entry.
// Return true on success, return false on failure, which means
// that putting the value would have caused a duplicate in the index.
// TODO(chron): Remove some of these unecessary return values.
bool Put(Int64Field field, const int64& value);
bool Put(TimeField field, const base::Time& value);
bool Put(IdField field, const Id& value);
bool Put(UniquePositionField field, const UniquePosition& value);
// Do a simple property-only update if the PARENT_ID field. Use with caution.
// The normal Put(IS_PARENT) call will move the item to the front of the
// sibling order to maintain the linked list invariants when the parent
// changes. That's usually what you want to do, but it's inappropriate
// when the caller is trying to change the parent ID of a the whole set
// of children (e.g. because the ID changed during a commit). For those
// cases, there's this function. It will corrupt the sibling ordering
// if you're not careful.
void PutParentIdPropertyOnly(const Id& parent_id);
bool Put(StringField field, const std::string& value);
bool Put(BaseVersion field, int64 value);
bool Put(ProtoField field, const sync_pb::EntitySpecifics& value);
bool Put(BitField field, bool value);
inline bool Put(IsDelField field, bool value) {
return PutIsDel(value);
bool Put(IndexedBitField field, bool value);
void PutUniqueBookmarkTag(const std::string& tag);
// Sets the position of this item, and updates the entry kernels of the
// adjacent siblings so that list invariants are maintained. Returns false
// and fails if |predecessor_id| does not identify a sibling. Pass the root
// ID to put the node in first position.
bool PutPredecessor(const Id& predecessor_id);
bool Put(BitTemp field, bool value);
// This is similar to what one would expect from Put(TRANSACTION_VERSION),
// except that it doesn't bother to invoke 'SaveOriginals'. Calling that
// function is at best unnecessary, since the transaction will have already
// used its list of mutations by the time this function is called.
void UpdateTransactionVersion(int64 version);
syncable::MetahandleSet* GetDirtyIndexHelper();
bool PutIsDel(bool value);
friend class Directory;
friend class WriteTransaction;
friend class syncer::WriteNode;
// Don't allow creation on heap, except by sync API wrappers.
void* operator new(size_t size) { return (::operator new)(size); }
bool PutUniqueClientTag(const std::string& value);
bool PutUniqueServerTag(const std::string& value);
// Adjusts the successor and predecessor entries so that they no longer
// refer to this entry.
bool UnlinkFromOrder();
// Kind of redundant. We should reduce the number of pointers
// floating around if at all possible. Could we store this in Directory?
// Scope: Set on construction, never changed after that.
WriteTransaction* const write_transaction_;
// This function sets only the flags needed to get this entry to sync.
bool MarkForSyncing(syncable::MutableEntry* e);
} // namespace syncable
} // namespace syncer