device/fido/mac: set the User Present (UP) bit in authenticator data

See AFAIU, the
spec is not exactly clear whether or not to set this bit from a user
verifying authenticator. It says that the bit should be set if the
user is "present", which is defined as having successfully completed a
"user presence test". User presence test is defined separately from user
verification test (which is what Touch ID does). Logically, a user
verification test always includes a user presence test, but the spec
doesn't say so explicitly.

Regardless of what the spec says, setting both bits seems less likely to
confuse server implementations IMO. A naive server e.g. might *just*
check for the UP bit, and if it is not set reject the response, even
though the UV bit is set. Hence, we should probably set both.

Bug: 678128
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