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git log 4a0ee4e0ef36..e2f79261ed5f --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-01-16 Disable heap profiling e2e tests
2019-01-15 Fix integer sign mismatch error preventing Chrome autoroll
2019-01-15 heapprofd: minimally-functioning fork mode
2019-01-15 Merge "base: add missing PERFETTO_EXPORT to ThreadChecker"
2019-01-15 Merge "perfetto-ui: Refactor high frequancy state"
2019-01-15 Ftrace: fall back on set_event interface if /enable fails
2019-01-15 Merge "Add PERFETTO_EXPORT onto the ScatteredHeapBuffer and sub class SLICE"
2019-01-15 Merge "Add two additional stats (rewritten & out-of-order) related to writing chunks."
2019-01-15 Merge "gn: Make it more convenient for embedders to enable DLOG"
2019-01-15 Allow arbitrary config in tmux tool
2019-01-15 Merge "trace_processor: add userspace LMK events to the instants table"

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