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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "content/common/content_export.h"
#include "ui/base/touch/touch_device.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace blink {
class WebView;
namespace content {
// Map of ISO 15924 four-letter script code to font family. For example,
// "Arab" to "My Arabic Font".
typedef std::map<std::string, base::string16> ScriptFontFamilyMap;
enum EditingBehavior {
// Cache options for V8. See V8CacheOptions.h for information on the options.
enum V8CacheOptions {
// ImageAnimationPolicy is used for controlling image animation
// when image frame is rendered for animation.
// See third_party/WebKit/Source/platform/graphics/ImageAnimationPolicy.h
// for information on the options.
enum ImageAnimationPolicy {
// The ISO 15924 script code for undetermined script aka Common. It's the
// default used on WebKit's side to get/set a font setting when no script is
// specified.
CONTENT_EXPORT extern const char kCommonScript[];
// A struct for managing blink's settings.
// Adding new values to this class probably involves updating
// blink::WebSettings, content/common/view_messages.h, browser/tab_contents/
//, browser/profiles/,
// and content/public/common/common_param_traits_macros.h
struct CONTENT_EXPORT WebPreferences {
ScriptFontFamilyMap standard_font_family_map;
ScriptFontFamilyMap fixed_font_family_map;
ScriptFontFamilyMap serif_font_family_map;
ScriptFontFamilyMap sans_serif_font_family_map;
ScriptFontFamilyMap cursive_font_family_map;
ScriptFontFamilyMap fantasy_font_family_map;
ScriptFontFamilyMap pictograph_font_family_map;
int default_font_size;
int default_fixed_font_size;
int minimum_font_size;
int minimum_logical_font_size;
std::string default_encoding;
bool context_menu_on_mouse_up;
bool javascript_enabled;
bool web_security_enabled;
bool javascript_can_open_windows_automatically;
bool loads_images_automatically;
bool images_enabled;
bool plugins_enabled;
bool dom_paste_enabled;
bool shrinks_standalone_images_to_fit;
bool uses_universal_detector;
bool text_areas_are_resizable;
bool allow_scripts_to_close_windows;
bool remote_fonts_enabled;
bool javascript_can_access_clipboard;
bool xslt_enabled;
bool xss_auditor_enabled;
// We don't use dns_prefetching_enabled to disable DNS prefetching. Instead,
// we disable the feature at a lower layer so that we catch non-WebKit uses
// of DNS prefetch as well.
bool dns_prefetching_enabled;
// Preference to save data. When enabled, requests will contain the header
// 'Save-Data: on'.
bool data_saver_enabled;
bool local_storage_enabled;
bool databases_enabled;
bool application_cache_enabled;
bool tabs_to_links;
bool caret_browsing_enabled;
bool hyperlink_auditing_enabled;
bool allow_universal_access_from_file_urls;
bool allow_file_access_from_file_urls;
bool webaudio_enabled;
bool experimental_webgl_enabled;
bool pepper_3d_enabled;
bool flash_3d_enabled;
bool flash_stage3d_enabled;
bool flash_stage3d_baseline_enabled;
bool gl_multisampling_enabled;
bool privileged_webgl_extensions_enabled;
bool webgl_errors_to_console_enabled;
bool mock_scrollbars_enabled;
bool unified_textchecker_enabled;
bool accelerated_2d_canvas_enabled;
int minimum_accelerated_2d_canvas_size;
bool antialiased_2d_canvas_disabled;
bool antialiased_clips_2d_canvas_enabled;
int accelerated_2d_canvas_msaa_sample_count;
bool accelerated_filters_enabled;
bool deferred_filters_enabled;
bool container_culling_enabled;
bool allow_displaying_insecure_content;
bool allow_running_insecure_content;
// If true, taints all <canvas> elements, regardless of origin.
bool disable_reading_from_canvas;
// Strict mixed content checking disables both displaying and running insecure
// mixed content, and disables embedder notifications that such content was
// requested (thereby preventing user override).
bool strict_mixed_content_checking;
// Strict powerful feature restrictions block insecure usage of powerful
// features (like device orientation) that we haven't yet disabled for the web
// at large.
bool strict_powerful_feature_restrictions;
// TODO(jww): Remove when WebView no longer needs this exception.
bool allow_geolocation_on_insecure_origins;
// Disallow user opt-in for blockable mixed content.
bool strictly_block_blockable_mixed_content;
bool block_mixed_plugin_content;
bool password_echo_enabled;
bool should_print_backgrounds;
bool should_clear_document_background;
bool enable_scroll_animator;
bool css_variables_enabled;
bool touch_enabled;
// TODO(mustaq): Nuke when the new API is ready
bool device_supports_touch;
// TODO(mustaq): Nuke when the new API is ready
bool device_supports_mouse;
bool touch_adjustment_enabled;
int pointer_events_max_touch_points;
int available_pointer_types;
ui::PointerType primary_pointer_type;
int available_hover_types;
ui::HoverType primary_hover_type;
bool sync_xhr_in_documents_enabled;
bool image_color_profiles_enabled;
bool should_respect_image_orientation;
int number_of_cpu_cores;
EditingBehavior editing_behavior;
bool supports_multiple_windows;
bool viewport_enabled;
bool viewport_meta_enabled;
bool main_frame_resizes_are_orientation_changes;
bool initialize_at_minimum_page_scale;
bool smart_insert_delete_enabled;
bool spatial_navigation_enabled;
int pinch_overlay_scrollbar_thickness;
bool use_solid_color_scrollbars;
bool navigate_on_drag_drop;
V8CacheOptions v8_cache_options;
// This flags corresponds to a Page's Settings' setCookieEnabled state. It
// only controls whether or not the "document.cookie" field is properly
// connected to the backing store, for instance if you wanted to be able to
// define custom getters and setters from within a unique security content
// without raising a DOM security exception.
bool cookie_enabled;
// This flag indicates whether H/W accelerated video decode is enabled for
// pepper plugins. Defaults to false.
bool pepper_accelerated_video_decode_enabled;
ImageAnimationPolicy animation_policy;
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
bool text_autosizing_enabled;
float font_scale_factor;
float device_scale_adjustment;
bool force_enable_zoom;
bool fullscreen_supported;
bool double_tap_to_zoom_enabled;
bool user_gesture_required_for_media_playback;
GURL default_video_poster_url;
bool support_deprecated_target_density_dpi;
bool use_legacy_background_size_shorthand_behavior;
bool wide_viewport_quirk;
bool use_wide_viewport;
bool force_zero_layout_height;
bool viewport_meta_layout_size_quirk;
bool viewport_meta_merge_content_quirk;
bool viewport_meta_non_user_scalable_quirk;
bool viewport_meta_zero_values_quirk;
bool clobber_user_agent_initial_scale_quirk;
bool ignore_main_frame_overflow_hidden_quirk;
bool report_screen_size_in_physical_pixels_quirk;
bool record_whole_document;
std::string autoplay_experiment_mode;
// Default (used if the page or UA doesn't override these) values for page
// scale limits. These are set directly on the WebView so there's no analogue
// in WebSettings.
float default_minimum_page_scale_factor;
float default_maximum_page_scale_factor;
// We try to keep the default values the same as the default values in
// chrome, except for the cases where it would require lots of extra work for
// the embedder to use the same default value.
} // namespace content