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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef PresentationController_h
#define PresentationController_h
#include "core/frame/LocalFrameLifecycleObserver.h"
#include "modules/ModulesExport.h"
#include "modules/presentation/Presentation.h"
#include "modules/presentation/PresentationRequest.h"
#include "platform/Supplementable.h"
#include "platform/heap/Handle.h"
#include "public/platform/modules/presentation/WebPresentationClient.h"
#include "public/platform/modules/presentation/WebPresentationController.h"
namespace blink {
class LocalFrame;
class PresentationConnection;
class WebPresentationAvailabilityCallback;
class WebPresentationConnectionClient;
enum class WebPresentationConnectionState;
// The coordinator between the various page exposed properties and the content
// layer represented via |WebPresentationClient|.
class MODULES_EXPORT PresentationController final
: public NoBaseWillBeGarbageCollectedFinalized<PresentationController>
, public WillBeHeapSupplement<LocalFrame>
, public LocalFrameLifecycleObserver
, public WebPresentationController {
~PresentationController() override;
static PassOwnPtrWillBeRawPtr<PresentationController> create(LocalFrame&, WebPresentationClient*);
static const char* supplementName();
static PresentationController* from(LocalFrame&);
static void provideTo(LocalFrame&, WebPresentationClient*);
WebPresentationClient* client();
// Implementation of HeapSupplement.
// Implementation of WebPresentationController.
void didStartDefaultSession(WebPresentationConnectionClient*) override;
void didChangeSessionState(WebPresentationConnectionClient*, WebPresentationConnectionState) override;
void didReceiveSessionTextMessage(WebPresentationConnectionClient*, const WebString&) override;
void didReceiveSessionBinaryMessage(WebPresentationConnectionClient*, const uint8_t* data, size_t length) override;
// Called by the Presentation object to advertize itself to the controller.
// The Presentation object is kept as a WeakMember in order to avoid keeping
// it alive when it is no longer in the tree.
void setPresentation(Presentation*);
// Called by the Presentation object when the default request is updated
// in order to notify the client about the change of default presentation
// url.
void setDefaultRequestUrl(const KURL&);
// Handling of running connections.
void registerConnection(PresentationConnection*);
PresentationController(LocalFrame&, WebPresentationClient*);
// Implementation of LocalFrameLifecycleObserver.
void willDetachFrameHost() override;
// Return the connection associated with the given |connectionClient| or
// null if it doesn't exist.
PresentationConnection* findConnection(WebPresentationConnectionClient*);
// The WebPresentationClient which allows communicating with the embedder.
// It is not owned by the PresentationController but the controller will
// set it to null when the LocalFrame will be detached at which point the
// client can't be used.
WebPresentationClient* m_client;
// Default PresentationRequest used by the embedder.
// PersistentWillBeMember<PresentationRequest> m_defaultRequest;
WeakMember<Presentation> m_presentation;
// The presentation connections associated with that frame.
// TODO(mlamouri): the PresentationController will keep any created
// connections alive until the frame is detached. These should be weak ptr
// so that the connection can be GC'd.
PersistentHeapHashSetWillBeHeapHashSet<Member<PresentationConnection>> m_connections;
} // namespace blink
#endif // PresentationController_h