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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ui/accessibility/ax_event_generator.h"
#include "ui/accessibility/ax_tree.h"
struct ExtensionMsg_AccessibilityEventBundleParams;
namespace extensions {
class AutomationInternalCustomBindings;
// A class that wraps one AXTree and all of the additional state
// and helper methods needed to use it for the automation API.
class AutomationAXTreeWrapper : public ui::AXTreeObserver {
AutomationAXTreeWrapper(ui::AXTreeID tree_id,
AutomationInternalCustomBindings* owner);
~AutomationAXTreeWrapper() override;
// Returns the AutomationAXTreeWrapper that lists |tree_id| as one of its
// child trees, if any.
static AutomationAXTreeWrapper* GetParentOfTreeId(ui::AXTreeID tree_id);
ui::AXTreeID tree_id() const { return tree_id_; }
ui::AXTree* tree() { return &tree_; }
AutomationInternalCustomBindings* owner() { return owner_; }
// Called by AutomationInternalCustomBindings::OnAccessibilityEvents on
// the AutomationAXTreeWrapper instance for the correct tree corresponding
// to this event. Unserializes the tree update and calls back to
// AutomationInternalCustomBindings to fire any automation events needed.
bool OnAccessibilityEvents(
const ExtensionMsg_AccessibilityEventBundleParams& events,
bool is_active_profile);
// Returns true if this is the desktop tree.
bool IsDesktopTree() const;
// AXTreeObserver overrides.
void OnNodeDataWillChange(ui::AXTree* tree,
const ui::AXNodeData& old_node_data,
const ui::AXNodeData& new_node_data) override;
void OnNodeWillBeDeleted(ui::AXTree* tree, ui::AXNode* node) override;
void OnAtomicUpdateFinished(ui::AXTree* tree,
bool root_changed,
const std::vector<Change>& changes) override;
// Given an event, return true if the event is handled by
// AXEventGenerator, and false if it's not. Temporary, this will be
// removed with the AXEventGenerator refactoring is complete.
bool IsEventTypeHandledByAXEventGenerator(api::automation::EventType) const;
ui::AXTreeID tree_id_;
ui::AXTree tree_;
AutomationInternalCustomBindings* owner_;
std::vector<int> deleted_node_ids_;
std::vector<int> text_changed_node_ids_;
ui::AXEventGenerator event_generator_;
// Tracks whether a tree change event was sent during unserialization. Tree
// changes outside of unserialization do not get reflected here. The value is
// reset after unserialization.
bool did_send_tree_change_during_unserialization_ = false;
} // namespace extensions