Chromium UI Frontline Triage Procedures and Policy

Filing New Issues


  1. Read and follow the Chromium Code of Conduct.
  2. File your issue on
    • Required: Repro Steps
    • Preferred: Screenshots
    • Optional: Video Repro (Please keep brief and to the point)
  3. Add the label Hotlist-DesktopUIConsider.
  4. Find an appropriate component.

Consideration Deadline

Issues must be marked Hotlist-DesktopUIConsider by Wednesday 5:00p PT for consideration for that week.

Weekly Triage Process

  1. After the consideration deadline, query for all Hotlist-DesktopUIConsider bugs.
  2. For each bug, perform the following:
    1. Assess Priority
      • P0: Emergency, must be fixed now or before the next Canary. Mark with a ReleaseBlock label for the nearest build that does not have the issue.
      • P1: Bug most users will hit. Mark with a ReleaseBlock label.
        • Mark ReleaseBlock-Dev if the issue impacts a core scenario (like scrolling).
        • Mark ReleaseBlock-Beta if the issue impacts a secondary scenario.
        • Mark ReleaseBlock-Stable if Chrome should never ship with this issue.
      • P2 - Bug that many users may hit and/or has a reasonable workaround.
      • P3 - Bug that few users will hit.
    2. Schedule a milestone.
    3. Assign to relevant area owner:
      • Omnibox: jdonneley@
      • Top Chrome: dfried@
      • UI Platform: robliao@
      • WebUI: dpapad@
  3. Once all bugs are triaged, remove the Hotlist-DesktopUIConsider label and add Hotlist-DesktopUITriaged.

Periodic Review at Milestone Branch

For all Hotlist-DesktopUITriaged bugs, reassess priority and milestone using the above standards.