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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/containers/mru_cache.h"
#include "ui/ozone/platform/drm/gpu/overlay_plane.h"
namespace ui {
class DrmDevice;
class DrmWindow;
class HardwareDisplayController;
class ScanoutBufferGenerator;
struct OverlayCheck_Params;
class DrmOverlayValidator {
DrmOverlayValidator(DrmWindow* window,
ScanoutBufferGenerator* buffer_generator);
// Tests if configurations |params| are compatible with |window_| and finds
// which of these configurations can be promoted to Overlay composition
// without failing the page flip. It expects |params| to be sorted by z_order.
std::vector<OverlayCheck_Params> TestPageFlip(
const std::vector<OverlayCheck_Params>& params,
const OverlayPlaneList& last_used_planes);
// Checks if buffers bound to planes can be optimized (i.e. format, scaling)to
// reduce Display Read bandwidth. This should be called before an actual page
// flip. Expects |planes| to be sorted by Z order.
OverlayPlaneList PrepareBuffersForPageFlip(const OverlayPlaneList& planes);
// Clears internal cache of validated overlay configurations. This should be
// usually called when |window_| size has changed or moved controller.
void ClearCache();
// Contains hints which can be used to reduce display read memory bandwidth,
// for a given OverlayPlane. These are useful in case of video to determine
// if converting the buffer storage format before composition could lead to
// any potential bandwidth savings. Other useful hint is to determine if
// scaling needs to be done before page flip or can be handled by plane.
struct OverlayHints {
OverlayHints(uint32_t optimal_format, bool handle_scaling);
// Optimal buffer storage format supported by hardware for a given
// OverlayPlane. This hint can be ignored and still compositing an
// OverlayPlane should not fail page flip or cause any visual artifacts.
uint32_t optimal_format;
// Hints if buffer scaling needs to be done before page flip as plane cannot
// support it. Ignoring this hint may result in displaying buffer with wrong
// resolution.
bool handle_scaling;
using OverlayHintsList = std::vector<OverlayHints>;
// Update hints cache.
void UpdateOverlayHintsCache(const OverlayPlaneList& plane_list);
DrmWindow* window_; // Not owned.
ScanoutBufferGenerator* buffer_generator_; // Not owned.
// List of all configurations which have been validated.
base::MRUCache<OverlayPlaneList, OverlayHintsList> overlay_hints_cache_;
} // namespace ui