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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "chrome/browser/extensions/extension_context_menu_model.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/location_bar/location_bar.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/omnibox/chrome_omnibox_edit_controller.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/page_action/page_action_icon_container.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/dropdown_bar_host.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/dropdown_bar_host_delegate.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/extensions/extension_popup.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/location_bar/content_setting_image_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/location_bar/location_icon_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/omnibox/omnibox_view_views.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/views/page_action/page_action_icon_view.h"
#include "components/prefs/pref_member.h"
#include "components/security_state/core/security_state.h"
#include "ui/base/material_design/material_design_controller_observer.h"
#include "ui/gfx/animation/slide_animation.h"
#include "ui/gfx/font.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/rect.h"
#include "ui/gfx/image/image.h"
#include "ui/views/animation/animation_delegate_views.h"
#include "ui/views/controls/button/button.h"
#include "ui/views/controls/focus_ring.h"
#include "ui/views/drag_controller.h"
class CommandUpdater;
class ContentSettingBubbleModelDelegate;
class GURL;
class KeywordHintView;
class LocationIconView;
enum class OmniboxPart;
class OmniboxPopupView;
enum class OmniboxTint;
class OmniboxPageActionIconContainerView;
class Profile;
class SelectedKeywordView;
class StarView;
namespace autofill {
class LocalCardMigrationIconView;
class SaveCardIconView;
} // namespace autofill
namespace send_tab_to_self {
class SendTabToSelfIconView;
namespace views {
class ImageButton;
class Label;
} // namespace views
// LocationBarView class
// The LocationBarView class is a View subclass that paints the background
// of the URL bar strip and contains its content.
class LocationBarView : public LocationBar,
public LocationBarTesting,
public views::View,
public views::DragController,
public views::AnimationDelegateViews,
public ChromeOmniboxEditController,
public DropdownBarHostDelegate,
public views::ButtonListener,
public LocationIconView::Delegate,
public ContentSettingImageView::Delegate,
public PageActionIconView::Delegate,
public ui::MaterialDesignControllerObserver {
class Delegate {
// Should return the current web contents.
virtual content::WebContents* GetWebContents() = 0;
virtual LocationBarModel* GetLocationBarModel() = 0;
virtual const LocationBarModel* GetLocationBarModel() const = 0;
// Returns ContentSettingBubbleModelDelegate.
virtual ContentSettingBubbleModelDelegate*
GetContentSettingBubbleModelDelegate() = 0;
virtual ~Delegate() {}
// The location bar view's class name.
static const char kViewClassName[];
LocationBarView(Browser* browser,
Profile* profile,
CommandUpdater* command_updater,
Delegate* delegate,
bool is_popup_mode);
~LocationBarView() override;
// Returns the location bar border radius in DIPs.
int GetBorderRadius() const;
// Initializes the LocationBarView.
void Init();
// True if this instance has been initialized by calling Init, which can only
// be called when the receiving instance is attached to a view container.
bool IsInitialized() const;
// Helper to get the color for |part| using the current CalculateTint().
SkColor GetColor(OmniboxPart part) const;
// Returns the location bar border color blended with the toolbar color.
// It's guaranteed to be opaque.
SkColor GetOpaqueBorderColor(bool incognito) const;
// Returns a background that paints an (optionally stroked) rounded rect with
// the given color.
std::unique_ptr<views::Background> CreateRoundRectBackground(
SkColor background_color,
SkColor stroke_color,
SkBlendMode blend_mode = SkBlendMode::kSrcOver,
bool antialias = true) const;
// Returns the delegate.
Delegate* delegate() const { return delegate_; }
// Toggles the star on or off.
void SetStarToggled(bool on);
// The star. It may not be visible. It will be null when |browser_| is null.
StarView* star_view() { return star_view_; }
// The save credit card icon. It may not be visible. It will be null when
// |browser_| is null.
autofill::SaveCardIconView* save_credit_card_icon_view() {
return save_credit_card_icon_view_;
autofill::LocalCardMigrationIconView* local_card_migration_icon_view() {
return local_card_migration_icon_view_;
// The send tab to self icon. It may not be visible. It will be null when
// |browser_| is null.
send_tab_to_self::SendTabToSelfIconView* send_tab_to_self_icon_view() {
return send_tab_to_self_icon_view_;
omnibox_page_action_icon_container_view() {
return omnibox_page_action_icon_container_view_;
// Returns the screen coordinates of the omnibox (where the URL text appears,
// not where the icons are shown).
gfx::Point GetOmniboxViewOrigin() const;
// Shows |text| as an inline autocompletion. This is useful for IMEs, where
// we can't show the autocompletion inside the actual OmniboxView. See
// comments on |ime_inline_autocomplete_view_|.
void SetImeInlineAutocompletion(const base::string16& text);
// Select all of the text. Needed when the user tabs through controls
// in the toolbar in full keyboard accessibility mode.
virtual void SelectAll();
LocationIconView* location_icon_view() { return location_icon_view_; }
SelectedKeywordView* selected_keyword_view() {
return selected_keyword_view_;
OmniboxViewViews* omnibox_view() { return omnibox_view_; }
const OmniboxViewViews* omnibox_view() const { return omnibox_view_; }
// Updates the controller, and, if |contents| is non-null, restores saved
// state that the tab holds.
void Update(const content::WebContents* contents);
// Clears the location bar's state for |contents|.
void ResetTabState(content::WebContents* contents);
// Activates the first visible but inactive PageActionIconView for
// accessibility.
bool ActivateFirstInactiveBubbleForAccessibility();
// LocationBar:
void FocusLocation(bool select_all) override;
void Revert() override;
OmniboxView* GetOmniboxView() override;
// views::View:
bool HasFocus() const override;
void GetAccessibleNodeData(ui::AXNodeData* node_data) override;
gfx::Size GetMinimumSize() const override;
gfx::Size CalculatePreferredSize() const override;
void Layout() override;
void OnThemeChanged() override;
void ChildPreferredSizeChanged(views::View* child) override;
// ChromeOmniboxEditController:
void UpdateWithoutTabRestore() override;
LocationBarModel* GetLocationBarModel() override;
content::WebContents* GetWebContents() override;
// ContentSettingImageView::Delegate:
SkColor GetContentSettingInkDropColor() const override;
content::WebContents* GetContentSettingWebContents() override;
ContentSettingBubbleModelDelegate* GetContentSettingBubbleModelDelegate()
// views::ButtonListener:
void ButtonPressed(views::Button* sender, const ui::Event& event) override;
static bool IsVirtualKeyboardVisible(views::Widget* widget);
// Returns the height available for user-entered text in the location bar.
static int GetAvailableTextHeight();
// Returns the height available for text within location bar decorations.
static int GetAvailableDecorationTextHeight();
void OnOmniboxFocused();
void OnOmniboxBlurred();
// Called when omnibox view receives mouse notifications relevant to hover.
// |is_hovering| should be true when mouse is in omnibox; false when exited.
void OnOmniboxHovered(bool is_hovering);
Browser* browser() { return browser_; }
// LocationIconView::Delegate
bool IsEditingOrEmpty() const override;
void OnLocationIconPressed(const ui::MouseEvent& event) override;
void OnLocationIconDragged(const ui::MouseEvent& event) override;
bool ShowPageInfoDialog() override;
SkColor GetSecurityChipColor(
security_state::SecurityLevel security_level) const override;
gfx::ImageSkia GetLocationIcon(LocationIconView::Delegate::IconFetchedCallback
on_icon_fetched) const override;
SkColor GetLocationIconInkDropColor() const override;
// Gets the theme color tint for the location bar and results.
OmniboxTint CalculateTint() const;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(SecurityIndicatorTest, CheckIndicatorText);
using ContentSettingViews = std::vector<ContentSettingImageView*>;
// Returns the amount of space required to the left of the omnibox text.
int GetMinimumLeadingWidth() const;
// Returns the amount of space required to the right of the omnibox text.
int GetMinimumTrailingWidth() const;
// The border color, drawn on top of the toolbar.
SkColor GetBorderColor() const;
// The LocationBarView bounds, without the ends which have a border radius.
// E.g., if the LocationBarView was 50dip long, and the border radius was 2,
// this method would return a gfx::Rect with 46dip width.
gfx::Rect GetLocalBoundsWithoutEndcaps() const;
// Updates the background on a theme change, or dropdown state change.
void RefreshBackground();
// Updates the visibility state of the Content Blocked icons to reflect what
// is actually blocked on the current page. Returns true if the visibility
// of at least one of the views in |content_setting_views_| changed.
bool RefreshContentSettingViews();
// Updates the visibility state of the PageActionIconViews to reflect what
// actions are available on the current page.
void RefreshPageActionIconViews();
// Updates the color of the icon for the "clear all" button.
void RefreshClearAllButtonIcon();
// Updates the focus ring.
void RefreshFocusRing();
// Returns true if a keyword is selected in the model.
bool ShouldShowKeywordBubble() const;
// Gets the OmniboxPopupView associated with the model in |omnibox_view_|.
OmniboxPopupView* GetOmniboxPopupView();
// Called when the page info bubble is closed.
void OnPageInfoBubbleClosed(views::Widget::ClosedReason closed_reason,
bool reload_prompt);
// LocationBar:
GURL GetDestinationURL() const override;
WindowOpenDisposition GetWindowOpenDisposition() const override;
ui::PageTransition GetPageTransition() const override;
base::TimeTicks GetMatchSelectionTimestamp() const override;
void AcceptInput() override;
void AcceptInput(base::TimeTicks match_selection_timestamp) override;
void FocusSearch() override;
void UpdateContentSettingsIcons() override;
void UpdateSaveCreditCardIcon() override;
void UpdateLocalCardMigrationIcon() override;
void UpdateBookmarkStarVisibility() override;
void SaveStateToContents(content::WebContents* contents) override;
const OmniboxView* GetOmniboxView() const override;
LocationBarTesting* GetLocationBarForTesting() override;
// LocationBarTesting:
bool GetBookmarkStarVisibility() override;
bool TestContentSettingImagePressed(size_t index) override;
bool IsContentSettingBubbleShowing(size_t index) override;
// views::View:
const char* GetClassName() const override;
void OnBoundsChanged(const gfx::Rect& previous_bounds) override;
bool GetNeedsNotificationWhenVisibleBoundsChange() const override;
void OnVisibleBoundsChanged() override;
void OnFocus() override;
void OnPaintBorder(gfx::Canvas* canvas) override;
// views::DragController:
void WriteDragDataForView(View* sender,
const gfx::Point& press_pt,
OSExchangeData* data) override;
int GetDragOperationsForView(View* sender, const gfx::Point& p) override;
bool CanStartDragForView(View* sender,
const gfx::Point& press_pt,
const gfx::Point& p) override;
// PageActionIconView::Delegate:
SkColor GetPageActionInkDropColor() const override;
content::WebContents* GetWebContentsForPageActionIconView() override;
bool IsLocationBarUserInputInProgress() const override;
// views::AnimationDelegateViews:
void AnimationProgressed(const gfx::Animation* animation) override;
void AnimationEnded(const gfx::Animation* animation) override;
void AnimationCanceled(const gfx::Animation* animation) override;
// ChromeOmniboxEditController:
void OnChanged() override;
void OnPopupVisibilityChanged() override;
const LocationBarModel* GetLocationBarModel() const override;
// DropdownBarHostDelegate:
void FocusAndSelectAll() override;
// ui::MaterialDesignControllerObserver:
void OnTouchUiChanged() override;
// Called with an async fetched for the keyword view.
void OnKeywordFaviconFetched(const gfx::Image& icon);
// Updates the visibility of the send tab to self icon.
bool UpdateSendTabToSelfIcon();
// The Browser this LocationBarView is in. Note that at least
// chromeos::SimpleWebViewDialog uses a LocationBarView outside any browser
// window, so this may be NULL.
Browser* const browser_;
OmniboxViewViews* omnibox_view_ = nullptr;
// Our delegate.
Delegate* delegate_;
// An icon to the left of the edit field: the HTTPS lock, blank page icon,
// search icon, EV HTTPS bubble, etc.
LocationIconView* location_icon_view_ = nullptr;
// A view to show inline autocompletion when an IME is active. In this case,
// we shouldn't change the text or selection inside the OmniboxView itself,
// since this will conflict with the IME's control over the text. So instead
// we show any autocompletion in a separate field after the OmniboxView.
views::Label* ime_inline_autocomplete_view_ = nullptr;
// The following views are used to provide hints and remind the user as to
// what is going in the edit. They are all added a children of the
// LocationBarView. At most one is visible at a time. Preference is
// given to the keyword_view_, then hint_view_.
// These autocollapse when the edit needs the room.
// Shown if the user has selected a keyword.
SelectedKeywordView* selected_keyword_view_ = nullptr;
// Shown if the selected url has a corresponding keyword.
KeywordHintView* keyword_hint_view_ = nullptr;
// The content setting views.
ContentSettingViews content_setting_views_;
// The page action icons.
OmniboxPageActionIconContainerView* omnibox_page_action_icon_container_view_ =
// The save credit card icon. It will be null when |browser_| is null.
autofill::SaveCardIconView* save_credit_card_icon_view_ = nullptr;
// The icon for the local card migration prompt.
autofill::LocalCardMigrationIconView* local_card_migration_icon_view_ =
// The send tab to self icon. It will be null when |browser_| is null.
send_tab_to_self::SendTabToSelfIconView* send_tab_to_self_icon_view_ =
// The star for bookmarking. It will be null when |browser_| is null.
StarView* star_view_ = nullptr;
// An [x] that appears in touch mode (when the OSK is visible) and allows the
// user to clear all text.
views::ImageButton* clear_all_button_ = nullptr;
// Animation to change whole location bar background color on hover.
gfx::SlideAnimation hover_animation_{this};
// Whether we're in popup mode. This value also controls whether the location
// bar is read-only.
const bool is_popup_mode_;
// Tracks this preference to determine whether bookmark editing is allowed.
BooleanPrefMember edit_bookmarks_enabled_;
// A list of all page action icons that haven't yet migrated into the
// PageActionIconContainerView (, ordered by focus.
std::vector<PageActionIconView*> page_action_icons_;
// The focus ring, if one is in use.
std::unique_ptr<views::FocusRing> focus_ring_;
bool is_initialized_ = false;
base::WeakPtrFactory<LocationBarView> weak_factory_{this};