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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/system/tray/tray_background_view.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
namespace ash {
namespace tray {
class TimeTrayItemView;
} // namespace tray
class CurrentLocaleView;
class ImeModeView;
class ManagedDeviceView;
class NotificationCounterView;
class QuietModeView;
class UnifiedSliderBubbleController;
class UnifiedSystemTrayBubble;
class UnifiedSystemTrayModel;
class NetworkIconPurger;
// UnifiedSystemTray is system menu of Chromium OS, which is typically
// accessible from the button on the right bottom of the screen (Status Area).
// The button shows multiple icons on it to indicate system status.
// UnifiedSystemTrayBubble is the actual menu bubble shown on top of it when the
// button is clicked.
// UnifiedSystemTray is the view class of that button. It creates and owns
// UnifiedSystemTrayBubble when it is clicked.
// UnifiedSystemTray is alternative implementation of SystemTray that is going
// to replace the original one. Eventually, SystemTray will be removed.
class ASH_EXPORT UnifiedSystemTray : public TrayBackgroundView {
explicit UnifiedSystemTray(Shelf* shelf);
~UnifiedSystemTray() override;
// True if the bubble is shown. It does not include slider bubbles, and when
// they're shown it still returns false.
bool IsBubbleShown() const;
// True if a slider bubble e.g. volume slider triggered by keyboard
// accelerator is shown.
bool IsSliderBubbleShown() const;
// True if the bubble is active.
bool IsBubbleActive() const;
// Activates the system tray bubble.
void ActivateBubble();
// Ensure the system tray bubble is expanded.
void EnsureBubbleExpanded();
// Shows volume slider bubble shown at the right bottom of screen. The bubble
// is same as one shown when volume buttons on keyboard are pressed.
void ShowVolumeSliderBubble();
// Shows main bubble with audio settings detailed view.
void ShowAudioDetailedViewBubble();
// Return the bounds of the bubble in the screen.
gfx::Rect GetBubbleBoundsInScreen() const;
// Updates when the login status of the system changes.
void UpdateAfterLoginStatusChange();
// Enable / disable UnifiedSystemTray button in status area. If the bubble is
// open when disabling, also close it.
void SetTrayEnabled(bool enabled);
// Set the target notification, which is visible in the viewport when the
// message center opens.
void SetTargetNotification(const std::string& notification_id);
// Sets the height of the system tray bubble from the edge of the work area
// so that the notification popups don't overlap with the tray. Pass 0 if no
// bubble is shown.
void SetTrayBubbleHeight(int height);
// TrayBackgroundView:
bool PerformAction(const ui::Event& event) override;
void ShowBubble(bool show_by_click) override;
void CloseBubble() override;
base::string16 GetAccessibleNameForBubble() override;
base::string16 GetAccessibleNameForTray() override;
void HideBubble(const TrayBubbleView* bubble_view) override;
void HideBubbleWithView(const TrayBubbleView* bubble_view) override;
void ClickedOutsideBubble() override;
void UpdateAfterShelfAlignmentChange() override;
bool ShouldEnableExtraKeyboardAccessibility() override;
void AddInkDropLayer(ui::Layer* ink_drop_layer) override;
void RemoveInkDropLayer(ui::Layer* ink_drop_layer) override;
void OnBoundsChanged(const gfx::Rect& previous_bounds) override;
UnifiedSystemTrayModel* model() { return model_.get(); }
static const base::TimeDelta kNotificationCountUpdateDelay;
friend class UnifiedSystemTrayTest;
friend class UnifiedSystemTrayTestApi;
// Private class implements MessageCenterUiDelegate.
class UiDelegate;
// Forwarded from UiDelegate.
void ShowBubbleInternal(bool show_by_click);
void HideBubbleInternal();
void UpdateNotificationInternal();
void UpdateNotificationAfterDelay();
const std::unique_ptr<UiDelegate> ui_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<UnifiedSystemTrayBubble> bubble_;
// Model class that stores UnifiedSystemTray's UI specific variables.
const std::unique_ptr<UnifiedSystemTrayModel> model_;
const std::unique_ptr<UnifiedSliderBubbleController>
const std::unique_ptr<NetworkIconPurger> network_icon_purger_;
CurrentLocaleView* const current_locale_view_;
ImeModeView* const ime_mode_view_;
ManagedDeviceView* const managed_device_view_;
NotificationCounterView* const notification_counter_item_;
QuietModeView* const quiet_mode_view_;
tray::TimeTrayItemView* const time_view_;
ui::Layer* ink_drop_layer_ = nullptr;
base::OneShotTimer timer_;
} // namespace ash