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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Contains the BlimpMessage proto which frames all messages sent over Blimp
// subchannels. BlimpMessage protos are serialized and transmitted over the
// wire to the Blimplet server.
// Each BlimpMessage has a few identifying fields which provide the browser
// session and tab ID as context. The message details are stored in a
// feature-specific field (see field IDs 1000 and onward).
// The |type| field tells the receiving end how the BlimpMessage should
// be unpacked and which component it should be routed to.
// * A BlimpMessage can contain only one feature message.
// * Feature message protos are placed in their own files.
// * Features are applied to unidirectional channels. Client->server and
// server->client channels for a component should be broken out as distinct
// features, even if they are conceptually similar.
syntax = "proto2";
option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;
import "compositor.proto";
import "input.proto";
import "navigation.proto";
import "render_widget.proto";
import "protocol_control.proto";
import "tab_control.proto";
package blimp;
message BlimpMessage {
enum Type {
INPUT = 4;
// Sequence number of this message, used for message acknowledgement.
// The sender may omit this value if it is exactly one higher than the
// message that was previously sent.
optional int64 message_id = 1;
// Identifies the feature type of this message.
// The feature-specific contents are contained in optional fields of the same
// name (example: use |compositor| field for type=COMPOSITOR.)
optional Type type = 2;
// Uniquely identifies the Blimp session that originated this message.
// Session IDs are invalidated whenever new sessions are created.
// If a message's |session_id| does not match the client's session ID,
// then the message may have originated from a discarded session and can be
// safely ignored.
optional int32 session_id = 3;
// ID of the tab that is referenced by this message.
// Messages that are tab-agnostic may leave this field unset.
optional int32 target_tab_id = 4;
// Feature-specific messages follow.
// Only one of these fields may be set per BlimpMessage.
// TODO(kmarshall): use a 'oneof' union when it's supported in Chromium. See
optional TabControlMessage tab_control = 1000;
optional NavigationMessage navigation = 1001;
optional RenderWidgetMessage render_widget = 1002;
optional InputMessage input = 1003;
optional CompositorMessage compositor = 1004;
optional ProtocolControlMessage protocol_control = 1005;