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Name: Quick Color Management System
Short Name: qcms
Version: v4
Date: 2012-03-13
License: MIT
License File: src/COPYING
Security Critical: yes
Contains support for applying an ICC color profile to an image. The code is
originally based on tinycms, re-written by Mozilla for better security and
performance. This copy is a source-drop from Mozilla on March 13, 2012.
Local Modifications:
Some files only have license headers in the master branch.
- Added the same license headers to the versions brought down from the 'v4'
branch src URL qcms/tree/v4
google.patch contains the following modifications. Apply with
patch -p1 < google.patch.
- Add bgra output support.
- Applied upstream patch:
- Applied upstream patch for sanitizing gamma table:
- Expanded gamma clamp range to allow 1.0.
- Do not short-circuit bogus profile check for A2B0 or B2A0 unless v4 enabled.
- Only reference code from transform-sse1.c and transform-sse2.c when SSE is
- Do not use an x86-only attribute on ARM or MIPS.
- Fix integer truncation warning/errors on Win64 build.
- Apply upstream thread safety (fix) patch from
- Apply upstream fix for qcms_profile_from_memory from
- Apply upstream simplification of qcmstypes.h
- Check for unused tag_len in read_nested_curveType()
- Apply qcms_transform_precacheLUT_float does not properly free dest buffer
- Add qcms_profile_match api
- Add qcms_profile_get_description api
- Convert MLUC profile description embedded nulls to '.'
- [APPLE port] Use en-localized profile description names
- [APPLE port] Use mmod data for profile descriptions
- Minor variable name change: description -> description_offset
- Avoid divisions creating sample points in the float cube LUT builder
- Add bgra (z,y,x) sampled transform lookup table api
- Apply upstream fix reject invalid sizes from
- lut_inverse_interp16: remove odd whitespace formatting
- lut_inverse_interp16: better handle degenerate TRC curves
To regenerate google.patch:
git diff b8456f38 src > google.patch