Revert "Use the wrapper script in all coverage builds."

This reverts commit 78d6b9950b4bd9462c226b2cc2ac1f74ad84ad6a.

Reason for revert:

This broke the coverage builds, see e.g.
which fails with:
"/bin/sh: 1: ../../build/toolchain/ not found"

I guess there's a missing space before --target-os.

Could this have been found in testing?

Original change's description:
> Use the wrapper script in all coverage builds.
> Previously the wrapper script would only be used for coverage builds
> that required selective instrumentation of specific files. Now it
> will also be used for any coverage builds.
> Since the script's job is to remove flags from files that shouldn't
> have them the default_coverage config now adds to cflags even in a
> CQ build.
> Bug: 918215
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