Revert "Handle iframe touch ack time out"

This reverts commit 40d56da5038844308b4d3921ae8aa0900d592650.

Reason for revert: <INSERT REASONING HERE>
The test seems to be flaky, it failed sometimes:

Original change's description:
> Handle iframe touch ack time out
> When there is a touch ack time out, all the gesture events will be flushed
> to the touch action filter. This case is already taken care of in the
> non-iframe case, and this CL handles the iframe case.
> When we see that a gesture event is flushed due to time out, we set the
> effective touch action to auto which will allow all the gesture event.
> A browser test is added to ensure the correctness.
> This CL is break into few patches:
> PS#22: The essential fix in line 1190 in the
> is commented out. When running the
> newly added browser test, it will hit the DCHECK in
> at line 55.
> PS#23: Uncomment the essential fix in the
> and remove the DCHECK in
> at line 55. Uncomment the temporary fix in
> for bug 851664.
> Bug: 851644
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