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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
LayoutTestController class:
Bound to a JavaScript window.layoutTestController object using the
CppBoundClass::BindToJavascript(), this allows layout tests that are run in
the test_shell (or, in principle, any web page loaded into a client app built
with this class) to control various aspects of how the tests are run and what
sort of output they produce.
#include <queue>
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/timer.h"
#include "base/string16.h"
#include "webkit/glue/cpp_bound_class.h"
class TestShell;
class LayoutTestController : public CppBoundClass {
// Builds the property and method lists needed to bind this class to a JS
// object.
LayoutTestController(TestShell* shell);
virtual ~LayoutTestController();
// By default, tests end when page load is complete. These methods are used
// to delay the completion of the test until notifyDone is called.
void waitUntilDone(const CppArgumentList& args, CppVariant* result);
void notifyDone(const CppArgumentList& args, CppVariant* result);
// The fallback method is called when a nonexistent method is called on
// the layout test controller object.
// It is usefull to catch typos in the JavaScript code (a few layout tests
// do have typos in them) and it allows the script to continue running in
// that case (as the Mac does).
void fallbackMethod(const CppArgumentList& args, CppVariant* result);
// The following methods are not exposed to JavaScript.
void SetWorkQueueFrozen(bool frozen) { work_queue_.set_frozen(frozen); }
bool AcceptsEditing() { return accepts_editing_; }
bool CanOpenWindows() { return can_open_windows_; }
bool StopProvisionalFrameLoads() { return stop_provisional_frame_loads_; }
// Called by the webview delegate when the toplevel frame load is done.
void LocationChangeDone();
// Called by the webview delegate when the policy delegate runs if the
// waitForPolicyDelegate was called.
void PolicyDelegateDone();
// Reinitializes all static values. The Reset() method should be called
// before the start of each test (currently from
// TestShell::RunFileTest).
void Reset();
// A single item in the work queue.
class WorkItem {
virtual ~WorkItem() {}
// Returns true if this started a load.
virtual bool Run(TestShell* shell) = 0;
// Used to clear the value of shell_ from test_shell_tests.
static void ClearShell() { shell_ = NULL; }
friend class WorkItem;
// Helper class for managing events queued by methods like queueLoad or
// queueScript.
class WorkQueue {
virtual ~WorkQueue();
void ProcessWorkSoon();
// Reset the state of the class between tests.
void Reset();
void AddWork(WorkItem* work);
void set_frozen(bool frozen) { frozen_ = frozen; }
bool empty() { return queue_.empty(); }
void ProcessWork();
base::OneShotTimer<WorkQueue> timer_;
std::queue<WorkItem*> queue_;
bool frozen_;
void notifyDoneTimedOut();
void LogErrorToConsole(const std::string& text);
void completeNotifyDone(bool is_timeout);
// Used for test timeouts.
// TODO(ojan): Use base::OneShotTimer.
base::WeakPtrFactory<LayoutTestController> weak_factory_;
// Non-owning pointer. The LayoutTestController is owned by the host.
static TestShell* shell_;
// If true, the element will be treated as editable. This value is returned
// from various editing callbacks that are called just before edit operations
// are allowed.
static bool accepts_editing_;
// If true, new windows can be opened via javascript or by plugins. By
// default, set to false and can be toggled to true using
// setCanOpenWindows().
static bool can_open_windows_;
// When reset is called, go through and close all but the main test shell
// window. By default, set to true but toggled to false using
// setCloseRemainingWindowsWhenComplete().
static bool close_remaining_windows_;
// If true, stops provisional frame loads during the
// DidStartProvisionalLoadForFrame callback.
static bool stop_provisional_frame_loads_;
// If true, don't dump output until notifyDone is called.
static bool wait_until_done_;
static WorkQueue work_queue_;