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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/file_path.h"
#include "base/message_loop.h"
#include "base/threading/thread.h"
#include "webkit/appcache/appcache_backend_impl.h"
#include "webkit/appcache/appcache_frontend_impl.h"
#include "webkit/appcache/appcache_service.h"
#include "webkit/glue/resource_type.h"
namespace WebKit {
class WebApplicationCacheHost;
class WebApplicationCacheHostClient;
class SimpleBackendProxy;
class SimpleFrontendProxy;
namespace net {
class URLRequest;
class URLRequestContext;
} // namespace net
// A class that composes the constituent parts of an appcache system
// together for use in a single process with two relavant threads,
// a UI thread on which webkit runs and an IO thread on which URLRequests
// are handled. This class conspires with SimpleResourceLoaderBridge to
// retrieve resources from the appcache.
class SimpleAppCacheSystem {
// Should be instanced somewhere in main(). If not instanced, the public
// static methods are all safe no-ops.
virtual ~SimpleAppCacheSystem();
// One-time main UI thread initialization.
static void InitializeOnUIThread(const FilePath& cache_directory) {
if (instance_)
// Called by SimpleResourceLoaderBridge's IOThread class.
// Per IO thread initialization. Only one IO thread can exist
// at a time, but after IO thread termination a new one can be
// started on which this method should be called. The instance
// is assumed to outlive the IO thread.
static void InitializeOnIOThread(net::URLRequestContext* request_context) {
if (instance_)
static void CleanupOnIOThread() {
if (instance_)
// Called by TestShellWebKitInit to manufacture a 'host' for webcore.
static WebKit::WebApplicationCacheHost* CreateApplicationCacheHost(
WebKit::WebApplicationCacheHostClient* client) {
return instance_ ? instance_->CreateCacheHostForWebKit(client) : NULL;
// Called by SimpleResourceLoaderBridge to hook into resource loads.
static void SetExtraRequestInfo(net::URLRequest* request,
int host_id,
ResourceType::Type resource_type) {
if (instance_)
instance_->SetExtraRequestBits(request, host_id, resource_type);
// Called by SimpleResourceLoaderBridge extract extra response bits.
static void GetExtraResponseInfo(net::URLRequest* request,
int64* cache_id,
GURL* manifest_url) {
if (instance_)
instance_->GetExtraResponseBits(request, cache_id, manifest_url);
friend class SimpleBackendProxy;
friend class SimpleFrontendProxy;
// Instance methods called by our static public methods
void InitOnUIThread(const FilePath& cache_directory);
void InitOnIOThread(net::URLRequestContext* request_context);
void CleanupIOThread();
WebKit::WebApplicationCacheHost* CreateCacheHostForWebKit(
WebKit::WebApplicationCacheHostClient* client);
void SetExtraRequestBits(net::URLRequest* request,
int host_id,
ResourceType::Type resource_type);
void GetExtraResponseBits(net::URLRequest* request,
int64* cache_id,
GURL* manifest_url);
// Helpers
MessageLoop* io_message_loop() { return io_message_loop_; }
MessageLoop* ui_message_loop() { return ui_message_loop_; }
bool is_io_thread() { return MessageLoop::current() == io_message_loop_; }
bool is_ui_thread() { return MessageLoop::current() == ui_message_loop_; }
bool is_initialized() {
return io_message_loop_ && is_initailized_on_ui_thread();
bool is_initailized_on_ui_thread() {
return ui_message_loop_ ? true : false;
FilePath cache_directory_;
MessageLoop* io_message_loop_;
MessageLoop* ui_message_loop_;
scoped_refptr<SimpleBackendProxy> backend_proxy_;
scoped_refptr<SimpleFrontendProxy> frontend_proxy_;
appcache::AppCacheFrontendImpl frontend_impl_;
// Created and used only on the IO thread, these do
// not survive IO thread termination. If a new IO thread
// is started new instances will be created.
appcache::AppCacheBackendImpl* backend_impl_;
appcache::AppCacheService* service_;
// We start a thread for use as the DB thread.
base::Thread db_thread_;
// A low-tech singleton.
static SimpleAppCacheSystem* instance_;