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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/memory/linked_ptr.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/string16.h"
#include "googleurl/src/gurl.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/Source/WebKit/chromium/public/WebDataSource.h"
class GURL;
class TestShell;
// Associated with browser-initated navigations to hold tracking data.
class TestShellExtraData : public WebKit::WebDataSource::ExtraData {
TestShellExtraData(int32 pending_page_id)
: pending_page_id(pending_page_id),
request_committed(false) {
// Contains the page_id for this navigation or -1 if there is none yet.
int32 pending_page_id;
// True if we have already processed the "DidCommitLoad" event for this
// request. Used by session history.
bool request_committed;
// Stores one back/forward navigation state for the test shell.
class TestNavigationEntry {
TestNavigationEntry(int page_id,
const GURL& url,
const string16& target_frame);
// Virtual to allow test_shell to extend the class.
// Set / Get the URI
void SetURL(const GURL& url) { url_ = url; }
const GURL& GetURL() const { return url_; }
// Set / Get opaque state.
// WARNING: This state is saved to the database and used to restore previous
// states. If you use write a custom TabContents and provide your own
// state make sure you have the ability to modify the format in the future
// while being able to deal with older versions.
void SetContentState(const std::string& state);
const std::string& GetContentState() const { return state_; }
// Get the page id corresponding to the tab's state.
void SetPageID(int page_id) { page_id_ = page_id; }
int32 GetPageID() const { return page_id_; }
const string16& GetTargetFrame() const { return target_frame_; }
// Describes the current page that the tab represents. This is not relevant
// for all tab contents types.
int32 page_id_;
GURL url_;
std::string state_;
string16 target_frame_;
// Test shell's NavigationController. The goal is to be as close to the Chrome
// version as possible.
class TestNavigationController {
TestNavigationController(TestShell* shell);
void Reset();
// Causes the controller to reload the current (or pending) entry.
void Reload();
// Causes the controller to go to the specified offset from current. Does
// nothing if out of bounds.
void GoToOffset(int offset);
// Causes the controller to go to the specified index.
void GoToIndex(int index);
// Causes the controller to load the specified entry. The controller
// assumes ownership of the entry.
// NOTE: Do not pass an entry that the controller already owns!
void LoadEntry(TestNavigationEntry* entry);
// Returns the last committed entry, which may be null if there are no
// committed entries.
TestNavigationEntry* GetLastCommittedEntry() const;
// Returns the number of entries in the NavigationControllerBase, excluding
// the pending entry if there is one.
int GetEntryCount() const {
return static_cast<int>(entries_.size());
// Returns the active entry, which is the pending entry if a navigation is in
// progress or the last committed entry otherwise. NOTE: This can be NULL!!
// If you are trying to get the current state of the NavigationControllerBase,
// this is the method you will typically want to call.
TestNavigationEntry* GetActiveEntry() const;
// Returns the index from which we would go back/forward or reload. This is
// the last_committed_entry_index_ if pending_entry_index_ is -1. Otherwise,
// it is the pending_entry_index_.
int GetCurrentEntryIndex() const;
// Returns the entry at the specified index. Returns NULL if out of
// bounds.
TestNavigationEntry* GetEntryAtIndex(int index) const;
// Return the entry with the corresponding type and page_id, or NULL if
// not found.
TestNavigationEntry* GetEntryWithPageID(int32 page_id) const;
// Returns the index of the last committed entry.
int GetLastCommittedEntryIndex() const {
return last_committed_entry_index_;
// Used to inform us of a navigation being committed for a tab. We will take
// ownership of the entry. Any entry located forward to the current entry will
// be deleted. The new entry becomes the current entry.
void DidNavigateToEntry(TestNavigationEntry* entry);
// Used to inform us to discard its pending entry.
void DiscardPendingEntry();
// Inserts an entry after the current position, removing all entries after it.
// The new entry will become the active one.
void InsertEntry(TestNavigationEntry* entry);
int GetMaxPageID() const { return max_page_id_; }
void NavigateToPendingEntry(bool reload);
// Return the index of the entry with the corresponding type and page_id,
// or -1 if not found.
int GetEntryIndexWithPageID(int32 page_id) const;
// Updates the max page ID with that of the given entry, if is larger.
void UpdateMaxPageID();
// List of NavigationEntry for this tab
typedef std::vector< linked_ptr<TestNavigationEntry> > NavigationEntryList;
typedef NavigationEntryList::iterator NavigationEntryListIterator;
NavigationEntryList entries_;
// An entry we haven't gotten a response for yet. This will be discarded
// when we navigate again. It's used only so we know what the currently
// displayed tab is.
TestNavigationEntry* pending_entry_;
// currently visible entry
int last_committed_entry_index_;
// index of pending entry if it is in entries_, or -1 if pending_entry_ is a
// new entry (created by LoadURL).
int pending_entry_index_;
TestShell* shell_;
int max_page_id_;