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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "webkit/tools/test_shell/test_shell_switches.h"
namespace test_shell {
// Suppresses all error dialogs when present.
const char kNoErrorDialogs[] = "noerrdialogs";
const char kCrashDumps[] = "crash-dumps"; // Enable crash dumps
// Dumps the full-heap instead of only stack. Used with kCrashDumps.
const char kCrashDumpsFulldump[] = "crash-dumps-fulldump";
// Causes the test_shell to run with a generic theme (part of layout_tests).
const char kGenericTheme[] = "generic-theme";
// This causes the test_shell to run with the classic theme.
// Passing --layout-tests enables this by default.
const char kClassicTheme[] = "classic-theme";
// This causes the test_shell to run with the new windows theming engine
// enabled. This is the default unless --layout-tests is specified.
const char kUxTheme[] = "ux-theme";
// Optional command line switch that specifies timeout time for page load when
// running file tests in layout test mode, in ms.
const char kTestShellTimeOut[] = "time-out-ms";
const char kStartupDialog[] = "testshell-startup-dialog";
// Enable the Windows dialogs for GP faults in the test shell. This allows makes
// it possible to attach a crashed test shell to a debugger.
const char kGPFaultErrorBox[] = "gp-fault-error-box";
// Make the test shell load the test URL multiple times. The output dump will
// only be made from the default last run.
const char kMultipleLoads[] = "multiple-loads";
// JavaScript flags passed to engine. If multiple loads has been specified this
// can be a list separated by commas. Each set of flags are passed to the engine
// in the corresponding load.
const char kJavaScriptFlags[] = "js-flags";
// Run the http cache in record mode.
const char kRecordMode[] = "record-mode";
// Run the http cache in playback mode.
const char kPlaybackMode[] = "playback-mode";
// Don't record/playback events when using record & playback.
const char kNoEvents[] = "no-events";
// Dump stats table on exit.
const char kDumpStatsTable[] = "stats";
// Use a specified cache directory.
const char kCacheDir[] = "cache-dir";
// Enable cookies on the file:// scheme. --layout-tests also enables this.
const char kEnableFileCookies[] = "enable-file-cookies";
// Allow scripts to close windows in all cases.
const char kAllowScriptsToCloseWindows[] = "allow-scripts-to-close-windows";
// Test the system dependencies (themes, fonts, ...). When this flag is
// specified, the test shell will exit immediately with either 0 (success) or
// 1 (failure). Combining with other flags has no effect.
const char kCheckLayoutTestSystemDeps[] = "check-layout-test-sys-deps";
// If set, we are running under GDB so allow a certain class of errors
// to happen even if in layout test mode.
const char kGDB[] = "gdb";
// Make functions of the Profiler class available in javascript
const char kProfiler[] = "profiler";
// Make functions of the HeapProfiler class available in javascript
const char kHeapProfiler[] = "heap-profiler";
const char kAllowExternalPages[] = "allow-external-pages";
const char kEnableAccel2DCanvas[] = "enable-accelerated-2d-canvas";
const char kEnableAccelCompositing[] = "enable-accelerated-compositing";
const char kEnableSmoothScrolling[] = "enable-smooth-scrolling";
} // namespace test_shell