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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#include <vector>
#import "base/mac/scoped_nsobject.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "ui/compositor/layer_owner.h"
#import "ui/accelerated_widget_mac/accelerated_widget_mac.h"
#import "ui/views/cocoa/bridged_native_widget_owner.h"
#import "ui/views/cocoa/cocoa_mouse_capture_delegate.h"
#import "ui/views/focus/focus_manager.h"
#include "ui/views/ime/input_method_delegate.h"
#include "ui/views/views_export.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget.h"
@class BridgedContentView;
@class ViewsNSWindowDelegate;
namespace ui {
class InputMethod;
namespace views {
class CocoaMouseCapture;
class InputMethod;
class NativeWidgetMac;
class View;
// A bridge to an NSWindow managed by an instance of NativeWidgetMac or
// DesktopNativeWidgetMac. Serves as a helper class to bridge requests from the
// NativeWidgetMac to the Cocoa window. Behaves a bit like an aura::Window.
class VIEWS_EXPORT BridgedNativeWidget : public ui::LayerDelegate,
public ui::LayerOwner,
public internal::InputMethodDelegate,
public CocoaMouseCaptureDelegate,
public FocusChangeListener,
public ui::AcceleratedWidgetMacNSView,
public BridgedNativeWidgetOwner {
// Ways of changing the visibility of the bridged NSWindow.
enum WindowVisibilityState {
HIDE_WINDOW, // Hides with -[NSWindow orderOut:].
SHOW_AND_ACTIVATE_WINDOW, // Shows with -[NSWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:].
SHOW_INACTIVE, // Shows with -[NSWindow orderWindow:..]. Orders
// the window above its parent if it has one.
// Return the size that |window| will take for the given client area |size|,
// based on its current style mask.
static gfx::Size GetWindowSizeForClientSize(NSWindow* window,
const gfx::Size& size);
// Creates one side of the bridge. |parent| must not be NULL.
explicit BridgedNativeWidget(NativeWidgetMac* parent);
~BridgedNativeWidget() override;
// Initialize the bridge, "retains" ownership of |window|.
void Init(base::scoped_nsobject<NSWindow> window,
const Widget::InitParams& params);
// Sets or clears the focus manager to use for tracking focused views.
// This does NOT take ownership of |focus_manager|.
void SetFocusManager(FocusManager* focus_manager);
// Changes the bounds of the window and the hosted layer if present. The
// origin is a location in screen coordinates except for "child" windows,
// which are positioned relative to their parent(). SetBounds() considers a
// "child" window to be one initialized with InitParams specifying all of:
// a |parent| NSWindow, the |child| attribute, and a |type| that
// views::GetAuraWindowTypeForWidgetType does not consider a "popup" type.
void SetBounds(const gfx::Rect& new_bounds);
// Set or clears the views::View bridged by the content view. This does NOT
// take ownership of |view|.
void SetRootView(views::View* view);
// Sets the desired visibility of the window and updates the visibility of
// descendant windows where necessary.
void SetVisibilityState(WindowVisibilityState new_state);
// Acquiring mouse capture first steals capture from any existing
// CocoaMouseCaptureDelegate, then captures all mouse events until released.
void AcquireCapture();
void ReleaseCapture();
bool HasCapture();
// See views::Widget.
void SetNativeWindowProperty(const char* key, void* value);
void* GetNativeWindowProperty(const char* key) const;
// Sets the cursor associated with the NSWindow. Retains |cursor|.
void SetCursor(NSCursor* cursor);
// Called internally by the NSWindowDelegate when the window is closing.
void OnWindowWillClose();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when a fullscreen operation begins. If
// |target_fullscreen_state| is true, the target state is fullscreen.
// Otherwise, a transition has begun to come out of fullscreen.
void OnFullscreenTransitionStart(bool target_fullscreen_state);
// Called when a fullscreen transition completes. If target_fullscreen_state()
// does not match |actual_fullscreen_state|, a new transition will begin.
void OnFullscreenTransitionComplete(bool actual_fullscreen_state);
// Transition the window into or out of fullscreen. This will immediately
// invert the value of target_fullscreen_state().
void ToggleDesiredFullscreenState();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when the size of the window changes.
void OnSizeChanged();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when the visibility of the window may have
// changed. For example, due to a (de)miniaturize operation, or the window
// being reordered in (or out of) the screen list.
void OnVisibilityChanged();
// Explicitly set the visibility. This is called when Cocoa requests a draw,
// but hasn't updated the value of -[NSWindow isVisible] yet.
void OnVisibilityChangedTo(bool new_visibility);
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate on a scale factor or color space change.
void OnBackingPropertiesChanged();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when the window becomes or resigns key.
void OnWindowKeyStatusChangedTo(bool is_key);
// Called by NativeWidgetMac when the window size constraints change.
void OnSizeConstraintsChanged();
// See widget.h for documentation.
InputMethod* CreateInputMethod();
ui::InputMethod* GetHostInputMethod();
// The restored bounds will be derived from the current NSWindow frame unless
// fullscreen or transitioning between fullscreen states.
gfx::Rect GetRestoredBounds() const;
// Creates a ui::Compositor which becomes responsible for drawing the window.
void CreateLayer(ui::LayerType layer_type, bool translucent);
NativeWidgetMac* native_widget_mac() { return native_widget_mac_; }
BridgedContentView* ns_view() { return bridged_view_; }
NSWindow* ns_window() { return window_; }
TooltipManager* tooltip_manager() { return tooltip_manager_.get(); }
// The parent widget specified in Widget::InitParams::parent. If non-null, the
// parent will close children before the parent closes, and children will be
// raised above their parent when window z-order changes.
BridgedNativeWidgetOwner* parent() { return parent_; }
const std::vector<BridgedNativeWidget*>& child_windows() {
return child_windows_;
bool target_fullscreen_state() const { return target_fullscreen_state_; }
bool window_visible() { return window_visible_; }
// Overridden from internal::InputMethodDelegate:
void DispatchKeyEventPostIME(const ui::KeyEvent& key) override;
// Closes all child windows. BridgedNativeWidget children will be destroyed.
void RemoveOrDestroyChildren();
// Notify descendants of a visibility change.
void NotifyVisibilityChangeDown();
// Essentially NativeWidgetMac::GetClientAreaBoundsInScreen().size(), but no
// coordinate transformations are required from AppKit coordinates.
gfx::Size GetClientAreaSize() const;
// Creates an owned ui::Compositor. For consistency, these functions reflect
// those in aura::WindowTreeHost.
void CreateCompositor();
void InitCompositor();
void DestroyCompositor();
// Installs the NSView for hosting the composited layer. It is later provided
// to |compositor_widget_| via AcceleratedWidgetGetNSView().
void AddCompositorSuperview();
// Size the layer to match the client area bounds, taking into account display
// scale factor.
void UpdateLayerProperties();
// Overridden from CocoaMouseCaptureDelegate:
void PostCapturedEvent(NSEvent* event) override;
void OnMouseCaptureLost() override;
// Returns a properties dictionary associated with the NSWindow.
// Creates and attaches a new instance if not found.
NSMutableDictionary* GetWindowProperties() const;
// Overridden from FocusChangeListener:
void OnWillChangeFocus(View* focused_before,
View* focused_now) override;
void OnDidChangeFocus(View* focused_before,
View* focused_now) override;
// Overridden from ui::LayerDelegate:
void OnPaintLayer(const ui::PaintContext& context) override;
void OnDelegatedFrameDamage(const gfx::Rect& damage_rect_in_dip) override;
void OnDeviceScaleFactorChanged(float device_scale_factor) override;
base::Closure PrepareForLayerBoundsChange() override;
// Overridden from ui::AcceleratedWidgetMac:
NSView* AcceleratedWidgetGetNSView() const override;
bool AcceleratedWidgetShouldIgnoreBackpressure() const override;
void AcceleratedWidgetSwapCompleted(
const std::vector<ui::LatencyInfo>& latency_info) override;
void AcceleratedWidgetHitError() override;
// Overridden from BridgedNativeWidgetOwner:
NSWindow* GetNSWindow() override;
gfx::Vector2d GetChildWindowOffset() const override;
bool IsVisibleParent() const override;
void RemoveChildWindow(BridgedNativeWidget* child) override;
views::NativeWidgetMac* native_widget_mac_; // Weak. Owns this.
base::scoped_nsobject<NSWindow> window_;
base::scoped_nsobject<ViewsNSWindowDelegate> window_delegate_;
base::scoped_nsobject<BridgedContentView> bridged_view_;
scoped_ptr<ui::InputMethod> input_method_;
scoped_ptr<CocoaMouseCapture> mouse_capture_;
scoped_ptr<TooltipManager> tooltip_manager_;
FocusManager* focus_manager_; // Weak. Owned by our Widget.
Widget::InitParams::Type widget_type_;
BridgedNativeWidgetOwner* parent_; // Weak. If non-null, owns this.
std::vector<BridgedNativeWidget*> child_windows_;
base::scoped_nsobject<NSView> compositor_superview_;
scoped_ptr<ui::AcceleratedWidgetMac> compositor_widget_;
scoped_ptr<ui::Compositor> compositor_;
// Tracks the bounds when the window last started entering fullscreen. Used to
// provide an answer for GetRestoredBounds(), but not ever sent to Cocoa (it
// has its own copy, but doesn't provide access to it).
gfx::Rect bounds_before_fullscreen_;
// Whether this window wants to be fullscreen. If a fullscreen animation is in
// progress then it might not be actually fullscreen.
bool target_fullscreen_state_;
// Whether this window is in a fullscreen transition, and the fullscreen state
// can not currently be changed.
bool in_fullscreen_transition_;
// Stores the value last read from -[NSWindow isVisible], to detect visibility
// changes.
bool window_visible_;
// If true, the window is either visible, or wants to be visible but is
// currently hidden due to having a hidden parent.
bool wants_to_be_visible_;
} // namespace views