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2019-05-24 Negotiation of LNTF controls instantiation of RTPSenderVideo::rtp_sequence_number_map_
2019-05-24 Roll chromium_revision 8ae1a64b43..e1ec78e27e (662926:663034)
2019-05-24 Ensure CpuInfo::DetectNumberOfCores is > 0 and thread safe.
2019-05-24 Negotiate use of RTCP loss notification feedback (LNTF)
2019-05-24 Use preprocessor to strip H264 implementation.
2019-05-24 Reland "VP9 screenshare: Don't base layers frame-rate on input frame-rate"
2019-05-24 Let RtpVideoStreamReceiver implement KeyFrameRequestSender
2019-05-24 Reland "Delete STACK_ARRAY macro, and use of alloca"

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