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Name: Desugar, transforming Java 8 bytecode to be Java 7 compatible
Short Name: desugar
URL: It's part of Bazel build system (
Also, go/desugar for account owners
Version: 0.10.0
Date: Feb 1, 2018
License: Apache 2.0
Security Critical: no
Desugar is a Google-developed open-source Java library used by the build process
to transform Java 8 bytecode to Java 7. It is used to enable Java 8 features
such as lambda experssions for Chrome on Android.
Local Modifications:
* Desugar.jar is the "Desugar_deploy.jar" target defined in
* Desugar-runtime.jar is derived from Desugar.jar (refer to update
Update instructions (requires account for uploading):
* Check out Bazel from
* Compile or install Bazel by following instructions on
* Build Desugar_deploy.jar by running
bazel build //src/tools/android/java/com/google/devtools/build/android/desugar:Desugar_deploy.jar
* Move Desugar_deploy.jar to location within Chromium:
rm $CHROMIUM_SRC/third_party/bazel/desugar/Desugar.jar
mv bazel-bin/src/tools/android/java/com/google/devtools/build/android/desugar/Desugar_deploy.jar $CHROMIUM_SRC/third_party/bazel/desugar/Desugar.jar
* Update Desugar-runtime.jar:
unzip Desugar.jar "com/google/devtools/build/android/desugar/runtime*"
zip -rD0 Desugar-runtime.jar com
rm -r com
* Perform a sanity check of chrome_public_apk:
ninja chrome_public_apk
bin/chrome_public_apk run
* Update this README.chromium (Version & Date)
* Upload new jar to CIPD:
cd third_party/bazel
VERSION=$(grep Version -m1 desugar/README.chromium | cut -d' ' -f2)
cipd create --pkg-def cipd.yaml -tag version:$VERSION
* Update revision in //build/cipd/android/android.ensure (soon to be right in