Revert "[DL]: Fix yielding budget to ensure it marks the next phase."

This reverts commit 86b957f1e871708c7699e53e22d86c64079d1880.

Reason for revert:

Findit ( identified CL at revision 642627 as the
culprit for failures in the build cycles as shown on:

Sample Failed Build:

Sample Failed Step: webkit_unit_tests

Original change's description:
> [DL]: Fix yielding budget to ensure it marks the next phase.
> This patch updates the layout dirty bit propagation to mark the container
> itself when children have changed.
> It also ensures that the yielding budget marks the next phase for
> propagation, even if it isn't sure whether we need to do that phase.
> This is needed so that we don't accidentally skip a phase.
> Bug: 882663
> Change-Id: Icebe1d3960639bee88d18acc7dd2618394053552
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> Commit-Queue: vmpstr <>
> Reviewed-by: Chris Harrelson <>
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Bug: 882663
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