split view: Set |is_resizing_| to false when ending split view.

The EndSplitView function contains logic to end resizing, but it does
not actually set |is_resizing_| to false. If |is_resizing_| is true,
then you can enter split view again and |is_resizing_| will still be
true. Issue 930323 probably seems too minor to worry about, but I filed
it as an excuse to fix this case which makes the code hard to reason
about and is probably responsible for several undiscovered bugs, because
it pretty much defeats the purpose of |is_resizing_|. My work on Issue
884930 will be simpler if my logic can rely on |is_resizing_|.

Test: ash_unittests SplitViewControllerTest.EndSplitViewWhileDragging
Bug: 930323
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