Revert "This CL implements Fluent Style for checkbox and radio."

This reverts commit 75806f9c3ed8d708446e2e625715d80c278d8b0f.

Reason for revert: checkbox-appearance-basic.html webkit_layout_tests failing

BUG: 956843

Original change's description:
> This CL implements Fluent Style for checkbox and radio.
> This is accomplished by adding a new feature flag FormControlsRefresh
> which when turned on will enable the new controls UI.
> The implementations for checkbox and radio (PaintCheckbox, PaintRadio)
> are added as part of NativeThemeAura by overriding the current style
> provided by NativeThemeBase.
> The change is validated using pixel tests for both feature enabled /
> disabled states.
> Bug: 956778
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