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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# A script to setup symbolic links needed for Chrome's automated UI tests.
# Should be run on test image after installing the 'chrome_test' and
# 'pyauto_dep' dependencies.
# TODO(rkc): Figure out why does the sym linking break tests, eventually
this_dir="$(readlink -f $(dirname $0))"
[ -f "$this_dir/chrome" ] || cp "/opt/google/chrome/chrome" "$this_dir/chrome"
[ -L "$this_dir/locales" ] || ln -f -s "/opt/google/chrome/locales" \
[ -L "$this_dir/resources" ] || ln -f -s "/opt/google/chrome/resources" \
ln -f -s /opt/google/chrome/*.pak "$this_dir/"
# NaCl symlinks.
ln -f -s /opt/google/chrome/nacl_helper "$this_dir/"
ln -f -s /opt/google/chrome/nacl_helper_bootstrap "$this_dir/"
ln -f -s /opt/google/chrome/nacl_irt_*.nexe "$this_dir/"
# Create links to resources from pyauto_dep.
chrome_test_dep_dir=$(readlink -f "$this_dir/../../..")
pyauto_dep_dir=$(readlink -f "$chrome_test_dep_dir/../pyauto_dep")
if [ ! -d "$pyauto_dep_dir" ]; then
echo "'pyauto_dep' dependency is missing. Install it first." >&2
exit 1
# Create symlink(s) to the given abs path(s) in 'pyauto_dep' dependency
# pointing from the corresponding item in 'chrome_test' dependency
# (if the destination doesn't already exist). Intermediate dirs are created
# if necessary.
function link_from_pyauto_dep() {
for src_path in $@; do
[[ "$src_path" == "/usr/local/autotest/deps/pyauto_dep"/* ]] || return
mkdir -p "$(dirname "$dest_path")"
[ -e "$dest_path" ] || ln -f -s $src_path $dest_path
link_from_pyauto_dep \
"$pyauto_dep_dir/test_src/chrome/browser/resources/gaia_auth" \
"$pyauto_dep_dir/test_src/chrome/test/pyautolib" \
"$pyauto_dep_dir/test_src/net/tools/testserver" \
"$pyauto_dep_dir/test_src/out/Release/chromedriver" \
"$pyauto_dep_dir/test_src/out/Release/" \
"$pyauto_dep_dir/test_src/out/Release/pyproto" \
"$pyauto_dep_dir/test_src/out/Release/suid-python" \
"$pyauto_dep_dir/test_src/out/Release/" \
# Make sure the test files are owned by chronos as some browser_tests emit
# temporary files into the directories.
chown -R chronos "$chrome_test_dep_dir"