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* (C) 2006 Allan Sandfeld Jensen (
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* Copyright (C) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 Apple Inc.
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* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
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#include "third_party/blink/renderer/core/core_export.h"
#include "third_party/blink/renderer/core/layout/layout_image_resource.h"
#include "third_party/blink/renderer/core/layout/layout_replaced.h"
#include "third_party/blink/renderer/platform/loader/fetch/resource_client.h"
namespace blink {
class HTMLAreaElement;
class HTMLMapElement;
class SVGImage;
// LayoutImage is used to display any image type.
// There is 2 types of images:
// * normal images, e.g. <image>, <picture>.
// * content images with "content: url(path/to/image.png)".
// We store the type inside |is_generated_content_|.
// The class is image type agnostic as it only manipulates decoded images.
// See LayoutImageResource that holds this image.
class CORE_EXPORT LayoutImage : public LayoutReplaced {
~LayoutImage() override;
static LayoutImage* CreateAnonymous(PseudoElement&);
void SetImageResource(LayoutImageResource*);
LayoutImageResource* ImageResource() { return image_resource_.Get(); }
const LayoutImageResource* ImageResource() const {
return image_resource_.Get();
ImageResourceContent* CachedImage() const {
return image_resource_ ? image_resource_->CachedImage() : nullptr;
HTMLMapElement* ImageMap() const;
void AreaElementFocusChanged(HTMLAreaElement*);
void SetIsGeneratedContent(bool generated = true) {
is_generated_content_ = generated;
bool IsGeneratedContent() const { return is_generated_content_; }
inline void SetImageDevicePixelRatio(float factor) {
image_device_pixel_ratio_ = factor;
float ImageDevicePixelRatio() const { return image_device_pixel_ratio_; }
void IntrinsicSizeChanged() override {
// The replaced content transform depends on the intrinsic size (see:
// FragmentPaintPropertyTreeBuilder::UpdateReplacedContentTransform).
if (image_resource_)
ImageChanged(image_resource_->ImagePtr(), CanDeferInvalidation::kNo);
const char* GetName() const override { return "LayoutImage"; }
// When an image element violates feature policy optimized image policies, it
// should be rendered with a placeholder image.
bool IsImagePolicyViolated() const;
void UpdateAfterLayout() override;
bool NeedsPreferredWidthsRecalculation() const final;
SVGImage* EmbeddedSVGImage() const;
void ComputeIntrinsicSizingInfo(IntrinsicSizingInfo&) const override;
void ImageChanged(WrappedImagePtr, CanDeferInvalidation) override;
void Paint(const PaintInfo&) const final;
bool IsOfType(LayoutObjectType type) const override {
return type == kLayoutObjectLayoutImage || LayoutReplaced::IsOfType(type);
void WillBeDestroyed() override;
void StyleDidChange(StyleDifference, const ComputedStyle* old_style) override;
bool CanBeSelectionLeafInternal() const final { return true; }
bool IsImage() const override { return true; }
void PaintReplaced(const PaintInfo&,
const LayoutPoint& paint_offset) const override;
bool ForegroundIsKnownToBeOpaqueInRect(
const LayoutRect& local_rect,
unsigned max_depth_to_test) const final;
bool ComputeBackgroundIsKnownToBeObscured() const final;
bool BackgroundShouldAlwaysBeClipped() const override { return true; }
LayoutUnit MinimumReplacedHeight() const override;
void ImageNotifyFinished(ImageResourceContent*) final;
bool NodeAtPoint(HitTestResult&,
const HitTestLocation& location_in_container,
const LayoutPoint& accumulated_offset,
HitTestAction) final;
void InvalidatePaintAndMarkForLayoutIfNeeded(CanDeferInvalidation);
void UpdateIntrinsicSizeIfNeeded(const LayoutSize&);
// Override intrinsic sizing info by HTMLImageElement "intrinsicsize"
// attribute if enabled and exists.
bool OverrideIntrinsicSizingInfo(IntrinsicSizingInfo&) const;
FloatSize ImageSizeOverriddenByIntrinsicSize(float multiplier) const;
IntSize GetOverriddenIntrinsicSize() const;
void ValidateImagePolicies();
// This member wraps the associated decoded image.
// This field is set using setImageResource above which can be called in
// several ways:
// * For normal images, from the network stack (ImageLoader) once we have
// some image data.
// * For generated content, the resource is loaded during style resolution
// and thus is stored in ComputedStyle (see ContentData::image) that gets
// propagated to the anonymous LayoutImage in LayoutObject::createObject.
Persistent<LayoutImageResource> image_resource_;
bool did_increment_visually_non_empty_pixel_count_;
// This field stores whether this image is generated with 'content'.
bool is_generated_content_;
float image_device_pixel_ratio_;
// These flags indicate if the image violates one or more optimized image
// policies. When any policy is violated, the image should be rendered as a
// placeholder image.
bool is_legacy_format_or_unoptimized_image_;
bool is_oversized_image_;
} // namespace blink