Revert "GWP-ASan: Teach allocator about PartitionAlloc"

This reverts commit 3c600ba3fe7b536fc56076eac3abfb52618e3915.

Reason for revert: This change is causing test failures on the Windows/
macOS ASan bots.

Original change's description:
> GWP-ASan: Teach allocator about PartitionAlloc
> A core security guarantee of PartitionAlloc is that allocations of
> different types are never given overlapping allocations. In order to
> maintain this security guarantee, the GuardedPageAllocator needs to
> taught to know when it is used to back PartitionAlloc, and passed in the
> types on Allocate(). In those cases it maintains a PartitionAlloc
> specific free list that is aware of what types have been previously used
> for particular slots.
> Bug: 956824
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