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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <windows.h>
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
class WorkItemList;
namespace base {
namespace win {
class RegKey;
namespace installer {
// A description of a command registered by setup.exe that can be invoked by
// Google Update. This class is CopyConstructible and Assignable for use in
// STL containers.
class AppCommand {
// Constructs a new command that will execute the given |command_line|.
// All other properties default to false.
explicit AppCommand(const base::string16& command_line);
// The implicit dtor, copy ctor and assignment operator are desired.
// Initializes an instance from the command in |key|.
bool Initialize(const base::win::RegKey& key);
// Adds to |item_list| work items to write this object to the key named
// |command_path| under |predefined_root|.
void AddWorkItems(HKEY predefined_root,
const base::string16& command_path,
WorkItemList* item_list) const;
// Returns the command-line for the app command as it is represented in the
// registry. Use CommandLine::FromString() on this value to check arguments
// or to launch the command.
const base::string16& command_line() const { return command_line_; }
void set_command_line(const base::string16& command_line) {
command_line_ = command_line;
bool sends_pings() const { return sends_pings_; }
void set_sends_pings(bool sends_pings) { sends_pings_ = sends_pings; }
bool is_web_accessible() const { return is_web_accessible_; }
void set_is_web_accessible(bool is_web_accessible) {
is_web_accessible_ = is_web_accessible;
bool is_auto_run_on_os_upgrade() const { return is_auto_run_on_os_upgrade_; }
void set_is_auto_run_on_os_upgrade(bool is_auto_run_on_os_upgrade) {
is_auto_run_on_os_upgrade_ = is_auto_run_on_os_upgrade;
bool is_run_as_user() const { return is_run_as_user_; }
void set_is_run_as_user(bool is_run_as_user) {
is_run_as_user_ = is_run_as_user;
base::string16 command_line_;
bool sends_pings_;
bool is_web_accessible_;
bool is_auto_run_on_os_upgrade_;
bool is_run_as_user_;
struct NamedBoolVar {
bool AppCommand::* data;
const wchar_t* name;
static const NamedBoolVar kNameBoolVars[];
} // namespace installer