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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This file declares utility functions for the installer. The original reason
// for putting these functions in installer\util library is so that we can
// separate out the critical logic and write unit tests for it.
#include <windows.h>
#include <tchar.h>
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "base/files/file.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "base/strings/string_piece.h"
#include "base/version.h"
#include "base/win/scoped_handle.h"
#include "chrome/installer/util/util_constants.h"
class WorkItemList;
// This is a utility class that provides common installation related
// utility methods that can be used by installer and also unit tested
// independently.
class InstallUtil {
// Attempts to trigger the command that would be run by Active Setup for a
// system-level Chrome. For use only when system-level Chrome is installed.
static void TriggerActiveSetupCommand();
// Launches given exe as admin on Vista.
static bool ExecuteExeAsAdmin(const base::CommandLine& cmd, DWORD* exit_code);
// Reads the uninstall command for Chromium from the Windows registry and
// returns it. If |system_install| is true the command is read from HKLM,
// otherwise from HKCU. Returns an empty CommandLine if Chrome is not
// installed.
static base::CommandLine GetChromeUninstallCmd(bool system_install);
// Returns the version of Chrome registered with Google Update, or an invalid
// Version in case no such value could be found. |system_install| indicates
// whether HKLM (true) or HKCU (false) should be checked.
static base::Version GetChromeVersion(bool system_install);
// Returns the last critical update (version) of Chrome, or an invalid Version
// in case no such value is found. A critical update is a specially flagged
// version (by Google Update) that contains an important security fix.
static base::Version GetCriticalUpdateVersion();
// This function checks if the current OS is supported for Chromium.
static bool IsOSSupported();
// Adds work items to |install_list| to set installer error information in the
// registry for consumption by Google Update. |install_list| must be best-
// effort with rollback disabled. |state_key| must be the full path to an
// app's ClientState key. See InstallerState::WriteInstallerResult for more
// details.
static void AddInstallerResultItems(bool system_install,
const base::string16& state_key,
installer::InstallStatus status,
int string_resource_id,
const base::string16* const launch_cmd,
WorkItemList* install_list);
// Returns true if this installation path is per user, otherwise returns false
// (per machine install, meaning: the exe_path contains the path to Program
// Files).
// TODO(grt): consider replacing all callers with direct use of
// InstallDetails.
static bool IsPerUserInstall();
// Returns true if the sentinel file exists (or the path cannot be obtained).
static bool IsFirstRunSentinelPresent();
// Test to see if a Start menu shortcut exists with the right toast activator
// CLSID registered.
static bool IsStartMenuShortcutWithActivatorGuidInstalled();
// Returns the toast activator registry path.
static base::string16 GetToastActivatorRegistryPath();
// Populates |path| with EULA sentinel file path. Returns false on error.
static bool GetEulaSentinelFilePath(base::FilePath* path);
// Deletes the registry key at path key_path under the key given by root_key.
static bool DeleteRegistryKey(HKEY root_key,
const base::string16& key_path,
REGSAM wow64_access);
// Deletes the registry value named value_name at path key_path under the key
// given by reg_root.
static bool DeleteRegistryValue(HKEY reg_root, const base::string16& key_path,
REGSAM wow64_access,
const base::string16& value_name);
// An interface to a predicate function for use by DeleteRegistryKeyIf and
// DeleteRegistryValueIf.
class RegistryValuePredicate {
virtual ~RegistryValuePredicate() { }
virtual bool Evaluate(const base::string16& value) const = 0;
// The result of a conditional delete operation (i.e., DeleteFOOIf).
enum ConditionalDeleteResult {
NOT_FOUND, // The condition was not satisfied.
DELETED, // The condition was satisfied and the delete succeeded.
DELETE_FAILED // The condition was satisfied but the delete failed.
// Deletes the key |key_to_delete_path| under |root_key| iff the value
// |value_name| in the key |key_to_test_path| under |root_key| satisfies
// |predicate|. |value_name| may be either NULL or an empty string to test
// the key's default value.
static ConditionalDeleteResult DeleteRegistryKeyIf(
HKEY root_key,
const base::string16& key_to_delete_path,
const base::string16& key_to_test_path,
REGSAM wow64_access,
const wchar_t* value_name,
const RegistryValuePredicate& predicate);
// Deletes the value |value_name| in the key |key_path| under |root_key| iff
// its current value satisfies |predicate|. |value_name| may be either NULL
// or an empty string to test/delete the key's default value.
static ConditionalDeleteResult DeleteRegistryValueIf(
HKEY root_key,
const wchar_t* key_path,
REGSAM wow64_access,
const wchar_t* value_name,
const RegistryValuePredicate& predicate);
// A predicate that performs a case-sensitive string comparison.
class ValueEquals : public RegistryValuePredicate {
explicit ValueEquals(const base::string16& value_to_match)
: value_to_match_(value_to_match) { }
bool Evaluate(const base::string16& value) const override;
base::string16 value_to_match_;
// Returns zero on install success, or an InstallStatus value otherwise.
static int GetInstallReturnCode(installer::InstallStatus install_status);
// Composes |program| and |arguments| into |command_line|.
static void ComposeCommandLine(const base::string16& program,
const base::string16& arguments,
base::CommandLine* command_line);
// Appends the installer switch that selects the current install mode (see
// install_static::InstallDetails).
static void AppendModeSwitch(base::CommandLine* command_line);
// Returns a string in the form YYYYMMDD of the current date.
static base::string16 GetCurrentDate();
// Returns the highest Chrome version that was installed prior to a downgrade,
// or an invalid Version if Chrome was not previously downgraded from a newer
// version.
static base::Version GetDowngradeVersion();
// Adds or removes downgrade version registry value. This function should only
// be used for Chrome install.
static void AddUpdateDowngradeVersionItem(
HKEY root,
const base::Version* current_version,
const base::Version& new_version,
WorkItemList* list);
// Returns the registry key path and value name where the enrollment token is
// stored for machine level user cloud policies.
// Note that the value name was recently changed, we still need to return the
// old for some time until it's no longer in use.
// TODO( : Remove |old_value_name| once no longer in use.
static void GetMachineLevelUserCloudPolicyEnrollmentTokenRegistryPath(
base::string16* key_path,
base::string16* value_name,
base::string16* old_value_name);
// Returns the registry key path and value name where the DM token is stored
// for machine level user cloud policies.
static void GetMachineLevelUserCloudPolicyDMTokenRegistryPath(
base::string16* key_path,
base::string16* value_name);
// Returns the token used to enroll this chrome instance for machine level
// user cloud policies. Returns an empty string if this machine should not
// be enrolled.
static base::string16 GetMachineLevelUserCloudPolicyEnrollmentToken();
// Returns true if cloud management enrollment is mandatory.
static bool ShouldCloudManagementBlockOnFailure();
// Returns the localized name of the browser.
static base::string16 GetDisplayName();
// Returns the app description for shortcuts.
static base::string16 GetAppDescription();
// Returns the name of the browser's publisher.
static base::string16 GetPublisherName();
// Returns the name of Chrome's shortcut in the Start Menu (among other
// places).
static base::string16 GetShortcutName();
// Returns the name of the subdirectory in which Chrome's Start Menu shortcut
// was once placed. This remains purely to migrate old installs to the new
// style.
static base::string16 GetChromeShortcutDirNameDeprecated();
// Returns the name of the subdirectory in the Start Menu in which Chrome
// apps' shortcuts are placed.
static base::string16 GetChromeAppsShortcutDirName();
// Returns the long description of Chrome used when registering as a browser
// with Windows.
static base::string16 GetLongAppDescription();
// A predicate that compares the program portion of a command line with a
// given file path. First, the file paths are compared directly. If they do
// not match, the filesystem is consulted to determine if the paths reference
// the same file.
class ProgramCompare : public RegistryValuePredicate {
explicit ProgramCompare(const base::FilePath& path_to_match);
~ProgramCompare() override;
bool Evaluate(const base::string16& value) const override;
bool EvaluatePath(const base::FilePath& path) const;
static bool OpenForInfo(const base::FilePath& path, base::File* file);
static bool GetInfo(const base::File& file,
base::FilePath path_to_match_;
base::File file_;
}; // class ProgramCompare
// Converts a product GUID into a SQuished gUID that is used for MSI installer
// registry entries.
static base::string16 GuidToSquid(base::StringPiece16 guid);