Removing unused private field from Windows NSSDecryptor

Coding standard and compiler do not like unused private fields, but
sometimes they slip between the cracks until they trigger something:

In file included from gen/chrome/utility/
In file included from .\../../chrome/utility/importer/
In file included from ../..\chrome/utility/importer/nss_decryptor.h:13:
../..\chrome/utility/importer/nss_decryptor_win.h(169,29):  error: private field 'PK11_CheckUserPassword' is not used [-Werror,-Wunused-private-field]
  PK11CheckUserPasswordFunc PK11_CheckUserPassword;
1 error generated.

This removes the unsued field. Also removing an "explicit" to get past
presubmit checks.

Running presubmit upload checks ...

L: \src\clean_chromium\src\chrome\utility\importer\  Zero-parameter constructors should not be marked explicit.  [runtime/explicit] [5]
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